This transaction made me stronger & the good news was that it did not kill me! This transaction made me so much stronger it is difficult for me to even put this in writing. I cannot even tell you how strong I got.  I was representing the seller on a home and shortly after I listed it, we received...
Trying to go Green is easier said than done there are many obstacles we need to overcome! I have been noticing a lot of businesses, from The Telephone Company to Real Estate Offices trying to achieve a noble goal of going green, in other words going paperless. Well it is easier said than done. I ...
 Breaking News Fannie Mae announced HomePath Financing Changes. Fannie Mae announced that HomePath Mortgage which is currently available to low to middle income first time buyers will be allowing Investor financing to purchase Fannie Mae owned properties. This new Mortgage Product will allow elig...
Best of Boston, MA As soon as we landed and checked into the hotel, we rushed off to a great Restaurant (need to blog about that later), one of my favorite good  restaurants. On our way back to the Hotel I took this photo and had to share.     So good night Active  Rain from Boston, MA.!!!   If y...
3600 Knob Hill Dr. Sherman Oaks, CA SOLD AGAIN! One of the benefits of being a Land Specialist, many times sellers come back to me and want me to resell the vacant lots that they decided not to build on! Also a benefit of being in business for so many years in the same area! This lot was a challe...
The Space Shuttle Endeavor is coming to Los Angeles on Friday! I have grown up with the Space Race between the US & the USSR. That meant Sputnik vs. Mercury, Yuri Gagarin vs. John Glenn.  Next was the Gemini Program & then The Apollo Program. The space program changed our lives in so many levels,...
Well i f you have a cat or two or more I am sure you can appreciate this picture:)) If not hope you have a laugh as well:))) If you are a consumer who is considering buying or selling a home, investment real estate, vacation homes, or beach properties in Southern California, Los Angeles, Century ...
Huge Price Reduction! 322 Sierra St, El Segundo , CA  now reduced by $150,000.00! List Price: $1,049,000.00 Sometimes we take a listing even though we know that the property is ambitiously priced. I seldom do that, unless I understand that the seller will ultimately come to a realistic price. We ...
The Pink Palace also known as the Beverly Hills Hotel turned 100 years old this past week according to the Beverly Hills Hotel & The Beverly Hills Courier. In typical Hollywood Style it was a 100th Anniversary Commemoration Celebration of the Beverly Hills Hotel, which lasted all week and weekend...
Are you thinking of Living in Los Angeles, CA, how about Outpost Estates?   This post was originally posted on Dale Robyn Siegel’s website, She requested that if I would not mind do a guest blog about Los Angeles   (

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