Have you considered relocating to Los Angeles? Even the Christmas Cactus love living here....The other day, I was doing one of my daily house hold chores i.e.: taking out the trash and I was truly amazed at the sight I saw. I could hardly believe it; our Christmas Cactus was in its early stages o...
Have a Great Veterans Day: Thank Veterans for their service! This Saturday, November 11th, 2017 is a day, we honor all veterans, living or dead. We stand united to praise the men and women of our armed forces. Many confuse it with Memorial Day so just to be clear this day is for all veterans!  We...
Did you know that Westchester, a section of Los Angles has a walk of fame too? Most people from all over the Globe are familiar with the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. The ones that have the stars on the sidewalk and have the names engraved, that one is in Hollywood, another part of Los Angeles. If yo...
Have you ever heard about the large list of Banned Books that Shaped America?I was completely baffled by a wall that had the title “Banned books that shaped America” ! This was on our last trip, when we went to our newest discovery    ” The Bookmonster “in Santa Monica CA. Of course, I had to tak...
Wishing you a Happy Halloween to all who read my Posts!!  Be Safe!! I have always pondered WHY do we wish each other a Happy Halloween, we should be wishing yout the Scariest or the most frightening Halloween? Or am I going wrong? Why would I want to wish you a Happy Halloween?  How about wishing...

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