buying: Market Report for the month of August 2009 Playa Vista, CA. - 09/03/09 11:50 AM
The Market Report for August 2009 for Playa Vista, CA. is quite different from the previous month. There is a larger inventory to choose from. There are currently 40 Active listings about a 7.5% increase in the inventory from previous month.
 The Pending inventory consists of 15 buyers who have not removed their contingencies and 11 who have for a total of 26 which is an 8.5% decrease from the previous month.
 There has been a 7% drop in the Sold as well month over month. This is the first time in eight months we have seen a decline. 
 Playa Vista … (4 comments)

buying: Marina Del Rey Condominium Market Report for August - 09/02/09 01:21 PM
I have compiled the Marina Del Rey Condominium  Market report for August.
 The numbers seem very consistent with July’s Active Listings. Currently there are 184 Active Condominiums on the Market, compared to July it is one more.
Properties that are in Escrow and Accepting Backup offers as well as Pending are amazingly similar as well. There are 26 properties where the Buyers have not removed their contingencies and there are 37 that have removed all their contingencies. The numbers are virtually identical.
 I just read somewhere that the Pending Sales Index has only been tracked since 2001. This I found quite … (4 comments)

buying: Marina Del Rey, CA Condominium Market Report for July 2009 - 08/05/09 12:40 PM
Marina Del Rey, CA Condominium Market Report for July 2009. I have been covering three different micro market areas on the West Side of Los Angeles and the trends are very similar. Month over month since January the volume of sales have increased.
 This is interesting news for the over well being of the Real Estate Market. I am particularly interested in the Marina Del Rey Condominium Market, since not only do I sell here, but I live here as well.
 Currently as of July 31st 2009 there are 183 Active Condominiums on the Market 
Accepting Back Up Offers are 26 … (4 comments)

buying: Playa Vista,CA July 2009 Real Estate Market Report - 08/04/09 01:31 PM
 Here is the Playa Vista, CA.  July 2009 Real Estate Market Report. I have been extremely busy and grateful for it, hence the delay in my monthly Real Estate Market Report for Playa Vista, CA. I finally started seeing in various media headlines about the Real Estate Market getting some life into it.
 I find it ironic and rewarding at the same time. Ironically I have been saying this with my monthly Real Estate Market Reports since January of this year, that month over month I have seen this trend and the numbers prove that there have been steady increases.
  I … (3 comments)

buying: Century City,CA. Condominium Market Report July 2009 - 08/04/09 12:21 PM
Century City, CA. Market Report for July 2009. Well here we are and another month just flew by. I have been quite busy and productive, hence the delay of my monthly market report. 
 Since the beginning of 2009 you have read my reports and I have been showing the numbers and you could see that the Real Estate Market has been improving month over month in Century City, CA. The volume of sales has been quietly increasing from the previous month as well as year. So it should not come as a surprise to any of my loyal readers what now … (4 comments)

buying: 10712 Tabor St, Los Angeles, CA 90034, Tuscan Duplex - 07/28/09 09:38 AM

This Duplex is less then 10 minutes drive to the ocean and less then 10 minutes to Beverly Hills, one of the best neighborhood streets in the area. Great owner user downstairs and additional income from the upstairs unit. Do not miss out! Will not last! If this does not work for you but would like me to help you find another property feel free to call or e-mail me.
If you are a consumer  who is considering buying  or selling  a home, investment real estate, vacation homes, or beach properties in Southern California, Los Angeles, Century City, Westwood, West Hollywood, Beverly … (2 comments)

buying: Century City,CA. Midyear Market Report - 07/05/09 06:28 PM
I have been very busy during the month of June; hence my perception was that the Market has been very active. Instead of going by perception let us look at the facts.
               January                       February              March           April         May           June
Active:             289                       295                      294             306           315             313
Pending:             35                          10                       38               50             54               50
Accepting Backups 14                     20                      25               30             38               27
Sold                         13                      14                      20              19              27              42 
It is very encouraging to see these statistics, in light of the fact, that I just finished looking at the Marina Del Rey as well as … (2 comments)

buying: Midyear Assessment of the Condominium Sales in Marina Del Rey,CA - 07/05/09 10:10 AM
Well here we are and it is the 5th of July, 2009, I have been busy showing homes, condominiums as well as even land.
 It is the half way mark for the calendar year, so let us review the numbers and analyze the statistics.
         January                 February               March               April              May              June
  Active:   180                     185                      191                    199               184               197
Pending:  10                      13                         19                      20                  21                30                     
Accepting Backup:  11       15                        11                      17                  23                20
Sold:  12                             7                          16                      10                  18                18
As you can see that the Active inventory has increased from 180 in January to 197 in June this is approximately … (2 comments)

buying: Light My Fire, the largest collection of hot sauce in LA and the World (not the song) - 06/28/09 01:41 PM
The Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, has been evolving, changing  and reinventig itself over the past seventy five years (75). Millions of people, who have visited this favorite tourist destination consisted of the   the famous, the infamous as well as the ordinary people who have come and gone, they all have left with many fond memories. In the past 17 years one of the most favorite destination places has been "Light My Fire". 6333 W 3rd St Ste 212, Los Angeles, CA  90036. (323)930-2484
This small cubicle of a place holds at least a thousand if not more, different hot sauces from … (6 comments)

buying: Fantastic View Lots above the Sunset Strip - 06/17/09 09:37 AM
I have just listed another View Lot above the Sunset Strip.
 Before I go into the details of my new listing. I want to share with you, that a week ago I closed on one Lot three parcells away from this one. The Land Sales have been slowed due to the downturn of the RE Market and the Economy. I am starting to see life in both. Particularly when Land starts to sell, it  is a sign of confidence returning to the market. Just as an FYI two months ago four parcells sold about five hundred yards from these lots.


buying: Market Report for May 2009, Playa Vista, CA. - 06/03/09 04:19 PM
For those of my readers who are not familiar with Playa Vista, CA, please visit my blog post of earlier (, This is one of newest planed development in Los Angeles, CA in the past fifty years. Well designed, lots of thought went into the planning and the result a "resounding success".
  What is Playa Vista? By definition it is a mixed development of Luxury Condominiums, Luxury Town homes, Luxury Rentals an affluent blend of young, successful and hip residents.  It is a mini city within Los Angeles, less then two miles from the Ocean. This development took twenty years in … (3 comments)

buying: Century City,CA., Condominium Market Activity Report for May 2009 - 06/01/09 07:32 PM
Here we are the month of May just flown by for me. Even though there were thirty one days in the month I could have used a few extra. The activity has picked up not just for other Realtors, but for me as well. I have been fielding calls, showing properties, and writing offers and found my self in multiple offer situations more then five times this month. I am confident, based on my activities that the numbers will be better compared to the previous month. 
Now let us look at the actual Condominium Activities for the month of May in … (3 comments)

buying: Gladstone's from Malibu opened a satellite Restaurant in LAX - 05/11/09 01:21 PM
The other day I was at the Airport that is LAX in Los Angeles, waiting for one of my clients flying in to buy property in Malibu. The plane was late and I saw this Magazine called LAX. Interestingly there was an article about Gladstone's of Malibu. They opened a Restaurant in LAX.
 My first reaction,  WOW what a great idea, after all, most people have to be early at the Airport for Security Reasons and they have all this time to wait around. Second, most people are at best apprehensive what if any food there will be on their flight, … (8 comments)

buying: Century City, CA Market Report for April, 2009 - 05/04/09 04:04 PM
Century City, CA Market Report for April, 2009
  Here we are and the numbers are in for the month of April. Century City, CA has boasted of an improvement month after month in the sales activity, since the beginning of the year. So I am optimistic, but at the same time realistic about the current state of the real estate market, hence I am just as anxious as you to see how it turned out. I have been involved in multiple offer situations last month, so I have a good feeling where the numbers will be.
 With this introduction, let's see … (2 comments)

buying: Marina Del Rey Condominium Market Report for March 2009 - 04/06/09 10:16 AM
Marina Del Rey Condominium Market Report for March 2009  
I am very excited to report to the  readers, the Month of March had a lot of positive  activity. This trend is confirmed in the surrounding areas as well.
 The inventory has increased to 191 Active Listings in Marina Del Rey. The good news is there were 11 properties that were accepting Back up Offers, since the contingencies have not been removed yet. At the same time there were 19 Pending, contingencies removed waiting to close. (See last months report
 The best news of all, there were 16 closed transactions for the … (0 comments)

buying: Century City, CA Real Estate Market Report for March 2009 - 04/01/09 01:37 PM
 Well here we are April 1, 2009. The month of March 2009, data is now available. This is not an April Fools joke, these are the actual figures.
 Before I will give you the figures, for your convenience I am enclosing a link to the February Market Report so you can compare it easier to the current numbers. ( )
 There is almost no difference in the Active Listing inventory month over month between February and March 2009. The Multiple Listing Service had 294 Active Listings.
 Interestingly there has been an increase of Properties that are in Escrow accepting back up … (3 comments)

buying: Playa Vista, CA Market Report for March 2009 - 04/01/09 11:18 AM
Even though it is April 1st, 2009, this is not an April Fools Joke. These are the actual numbers for the Month of March 2009.
 As I reported last month there has been an increase of Active Listings compared to the January numbers. The trend continues. Currently there are now 60 Active Listings compared to 55 Actives Listings in February. This is an increase of by 9.2% (see last months Market Report  ) As you see the inventory is continuing to get larger.
 Now let us focus on the number of properties that are in Escrow and the ones … (0 comments)

buying: Have you heard of the UNICEF's Tap Water Project? Are you aware it is "World Water Week"? - 03/25/09 02:06 PM
In case you did not know this, I would like to share this with you. I just found out last night. UNICEF is having what is called the Tap Project. Many local restaurants are participating in this event. This has started on March 22nd and it is continuing until March 28th 2009.
 Customarily when you go to a restaurant, they bring a glass of Tap Water to your table, usually this water in free. The UNICEF's Tap Project is asking every patron to give $1 or more for the tap water. For every dollar raised, a child without access to safe … (7 comments)

buying: A new way to look for employment: The Beverly Hills way of finding a job! - 03/03/09 08:19 PM
What I am about to tell you is  not standard around the country and that is why Beverly Hills, CA and Los Angeles, CA have a" reputation" in this country and around the world.
 On the first Tuesday of Every Month the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills, ) A classic Rodeo Drive Jewel in Beverly Hills is holding a : are you ready for this "A Pink Slip Martini night". Now what does this mean? People who received the infamous "pink slip" from their employer can come to the Crescent Hotel drink Martini's and mix with "recruiters", "head hunters" and … (20 comments)

buying: Marina Del Rey Condominium Market Report for February 2009 - 03/03/09 08:01 AM
I am so amazed how quickly February went by. Part of it I attribute, since I have been very busy with buyers as well as sellers trying to find out what their property is worth in today' market. Not taking into consideration that the month is three days shorter then the others.
 It is very interesting to see now that the numbers are in. For the month of February there were 185 active condominium listings on the market that is a 9.7% increase of the inventory over January. There were 13 condominiums accepting back up offers and 15 condominiums that were … (2 comments)

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