los angeles real estatate: Speechless Sunday: This is becoming a rare photo opportunity... - 01/27/19 11:36 PM
Speechless Sunday: This is becoming a rare photo opportunity... there was a time when I would close my office door as well as Diane's Office door. This was to limit access for our animal farm to wonder around and get themselves into trouble. Lately I decided to  leave the doors open, since they seemed to have settled down and not cause mischief. So with that said Jack stays in my office most of the night. Jill ofcourse has to spend time in Diane's Office and Wiley opts to either stay in the living room or go to bed with us. I … (12 comments)

los angeles real estatate: Memorial Day is not for Celebrating, it is a day of 'Remembrance'... - 05/26/18 11:21 AM
Monday May 28th is Memorial Day!  What does Memorial Day Mean to you?? I do not want to sound like I am preaching. I have been saying this for most of my life as far as I can remember. Memorial Day is not the first day of summer. It is a day of “Remembrance”.
 We as Americans should reflect and pay tribute to those who have fought and died on foreign soils, for the privilege, that we could enjoy our freedom.
Please remember, this Day as a “Day of Remembrance” for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this great country of ours.
Every … (17 comments)

los angeles real estatate: Los Angeles Housing Problems, Costs and Solutions... - 05/20/18 10:38 PM
Los Angeles Housing Problems, Costs and Solutions…
I have been meaning to write about this “Subject”, for a while, but for some reason time always managed to get in the way. Los Angles has a huge shortage of homes in relation to people living and who are in the process of relocating or are considering relocating to Los Angeles. This of course translates to very expensive rental and purchase prices for living in Los Angeles. The short answer to the problem is ‘simple economics’: Supply & Demand!
As you  look closer you can see, this problem is multifaceted: 1. One issue  is that … (14 comments)

los angeles real estatate: Received a Christmas Card from a Client in Los Angeles, CA... - 01/06/18 09:05 PM
During the holidays, I send out to every one of my clients, friends and relatives a Holiday Card, most of them are personalized at the minimum signed by me. I have labels because no one would be able to read my writing:) Some of my clients send me back Holiday Cards as well.
This one was very special and I had to share it with you. He is a Veteran and I was able to help him get a House. This card meant a lot to me. Well go read it yourself.
We do not often get such a great card or message! It … (36 comments)

los angeles real estatate: Los Angeles Dodgers World Series 2017 YES not 1988... - 10/24/17 04:13 PM
 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series 2017 YES not 1988.... not Oakland but the Astros...
Well time flies, hard to believe it has been 29 years since the Los Angeles Dodgers have been to the World Series. As I was busy taking care of Real Estate, so I could focus on the game this afternoon, I could not help myself and wonder.
 It is currently 102 degrees in Westchester and I am confident at least six to ten degrees warmer at Chaves Ravine. Today, Ticket Prices are starting for the cheap seats around $1500 and go as high as $15,000 vs. in 1988 they … (40 comments)

los angeles real estatate: Bayer Aspirin Commercial : Italian Auction - 03/12/17 10:15 PM
As most of you who are in the noble profession of selling properties, I am confident you all have a Bayer Aspirin container in your medicine cabinet. I can safely say, we all have ways of dealing with the ups and downs of our Real Estate Transactions. So, with that said let me get to my point directly, but before I do I must admit it, I was out of my supply of Bayer Aspirin for a couple weeks. I was motivated to resupply this shortage because one of my two aspirin a day clients have returned and I needed to … (8 comments)

los angeles real estatate: Just saying Goodbye to 2016 and welcoming 2017: Happy New Year to all - 12/31/16 11:02 AM
I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and say how grateful I am that another Successful Year is coming to an end and how much I look forward to an even better 2017!
As we say Goodbye to 2016 we all tend to reflect and review the year, we all had good things happen in our lives and in our business also we had some not so good things happen as well. We all have traditions, rituals that we tend to follow. Some are cultural traditions we inherited from our families as they have been passed down to us … (28 comments)

los angeles real estatate: Westchester, CA. 90045 Single Family Market Trends... - 12/30/16 08:12 PM
The inventory of For Sale homes has been increasing since the last time I have written a Westchester Real Estate Market Trends report.
If we compare the past three years this is a 17% increase and this of course allows buyers to have better choices in selecting their new home. At the same time it puts sellers on notice that proper pricing will be critical in selling their homes.
The number of Sold homes has increased significantly if we do a month to month comparision, still a sign of a strong market in Westchester, CA 90045. There are many reasons for it one … (3 comments)

los angeles real estatate: Thanksgiving Challenge: being grateful, day five, a Beverly Hills... - 11/19/16 11:53 AM
Thanksgiving Challenge: being grateful, day five, a Beverly Hills Realtor’s perspective, by Endre Barath, Jr.
I am so grateful that I have had the time to be able to write a blog post five days in a row about being ‘Grateful’. Too often life takes over and we do not have the time, energy or focus on this very important challenge. Thanks to my friend Debbie Reynolds I am trying to keep it up.
I have so many things, events and reasons to be grateful, it is more about finding the time to select and write about them.
Tonight, I decided to write about how … (16 comments)

los angeles real estatate: Adieu Cordon Bleu! What would Julia Child say?? - 12/20/15 03:34 PM
Adieu Cordon Bleu! What would Julia Child say?
 Le Cordon Blue has campuses all over the US. Some of the more famous ones are in Pasadena, CA Boston, MA and the list goes on and on. There are approximately 16 campuses that the world renown French Cooking School has expanded into the US.
The official version is that due to the fact that the Federal Government is taking a more hardnosed stance to schools for profit and are not providing grants and help is forcing the school that Julia Child made famous. Most of you who know went to the French Campus many … (45 comments)

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