rain in los angeles: The sound of raindrops are not always soothing... - 02/17/19 01:46 PM
The sound  of raindrops on the roofs of homes  have often been associated with soothing and relaxing sounds that make you relax and fall asleep sooner.
 On the other hand, when Diane starts complaining ’why is there water on the Laundry Room Floor?’ ! Take my word for it, those are not soothing sounds.  Her first reaction was to call me to investigate and determine what the cause of the problem was,  as well as come up with an immediate  the solution. Now the next step of course was to go up the attic and get a better assessment of the situation.
Clearly … (13 comments)

rain in los angeles: Almost Speechless Sunday: Rain and Golfers... - 03/11/18 11:12 PM
I have failed to mention that we have been getting a couple great  Rain Storms in Los Angeles, CA. Most of us are elated, only those who come from the East Coast or other parts of the Globe and they do not understand how critical it is for us to get rain...Grumble...
Anyway, I am digressing... I could not help myself but take a picture of or two of these Golfers. I do not want to exaggerate but the rain must have stopped about 15 minutes before I took these pictures.
It is clear to me that Golfers are like Realtors, Rain, Shine or … (20 comments)

rain in los angeles: Look : There is Rain in the horizon for Los Angeles, CA. 90045 - 02/28/18 10:07 PM
The other day I was just about to leave the house for an appointment and I looked up to the sky. I was thrilled I called Diane and told her "Look there is Rain in the horizon for us" her first reaction was "Turn off the Automatic Sprinklers" I saw joy and she saw cost savings:)))) All good.
For those of you who have been hearing me, lamenting that we have not had any Rain this year, this was very exciting. Of course keep in mind we would need a weeks worth and we would still be behind the average rain statistics … (26 comments)

rain in los angeles: Gratitude in Los Angeles, CA: RAIN!!! - 11/20/16 01:11 PM
Gratitude in Los Angeles: RAIN!!
I was planning on writing another Gratitude post thanks to our friend Debbie Reynolds      challenge.  The Weather changed my topic.
I was showing one of my vacant lots on Benedict Canyon to a potential developer early afternoon, it was a bit cloudy and we had a great chat. I got in my car where my assistant was restingJ). Less than 20 minutes later the skies opened.
I stopped at World Market for some Thanksgiving Decorations and a few odds and ends, as I was standing the cashier started cheering: “…Look it is pouring down…” only in Los Angeles … (25 comments)

rain in los angeles: Rain in Los Angeles: much needed, loved, hated and dreaded! - 12/14/14 04:09 AM

Rain in Los Angeles: much needed, loved, hated and dreaded!
Here is Los Angeles, we had one of the worst droughts in the past 100 years. There were many ways we tried to mitigate this problem. Some of us voluntarily cut back on washing our cars, the local governments tried to control watering of the gardens and I could go on and on.
Well last week we finally had our big storm and everyone rejoiced. In addition to the obvious benefits of the rain, such as better looking gardens, cost benefit for farmers on not having to water, anyway … (14 comments)

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