real estate: How to buy an Investment Property - the Nuts and Bolts Version! - 04/07/14 06:17 AM
You hear the commentary – “Diversify your Investments!, ” “Buy Low and Sell High!,” “Real Estate is a Strong Investment,” etc., etc., etc.
So, perhaps you are a 40 something year old and have wondered, How do I do that? Where are the risks, what would it cost, is it feasible?
Relax. We will spell out some examples on how to do this, and demonstrate why so many investors like Real Estate in their portfolio!
So, where do we begin?
The easiest place to start is to figure out your budget. Investment homes have to be treated as if you will … (3 comments)

real estate: Adjustable Rate Mortgages - Times are changing! How they can help you! - 04/02/14 05:30 AM
Adjustable rate mortgages. ARMs. The evolution of this loan is now quite complete.
Payment options? All gone.
Negative Amortization? All gone.
Balloon payments? All gone.
Prepayment Penalties - Almost extinct and getting there.
1, 3 or 6 month adjustment periods - Almost extinct and getting there.
All of the horror stories that made these loans the incessant dumping ground of political and media pundits are over.
Ok, so what is left?
The Devil is in the Details.....Right?
Usually true. As you can see above, there were many reasons to have concerns regarding adjustable rate mortgages, with so many terms that … (0 comments)

real estate: Why exactly would I work with YOU? - 03/11/14 05:34 AM
Ok, isn't it obvious? I am highly skilled, motivated, willing to help, experienced, available 24/7, etc. etc. etc. Right? Aren't we all?
For a client, all agents are not made equally. Sometimes it is our personality that wins (or loses) them. Other times it is our focus on a specific area, or our hair color.
It is not always an exact science, and when inventory is lower, we find ourselves having to differentiate more than ever.
So, what Ya Got?
This is a surprising answer sometimes that we are not as prepared as need be to separate ourselves from the pack.

real estate: How to buy in Almaden - How to manage it even with a low down payment! - 02/26/14 05:48 AM
Almaden. It is a vibrant community, filled with long time residents who do not leave!
But, what if you do not already live here? People have to determine commutes, cost and schools just like any other community.
What often separates Almaden can be the cost to live here - how much down payment can you afford?
What is your monthly income, and how much of a payment can you fit into your budget?
Well, from a lending perspective, we now have more choices than we have had for many years, and these choices can make living in Almaden a reality … (0 comments)

real estate: Want to know how to get a tough Mortgage Approved? - 02/19/14 08:24 AM
Ok. You were interested in buying a home, but you have been told you cannot. Perhaps a Loan Officer or a Realtor told you have serious challenges such as credit issues, or income issues, or down payment issues, Green Card or residence status, etc.
What if you could buy? And even if you cannot buy right now, would it help to know what to do so you can eventually buy?
We will cover many of the challenges and what to do if you are being declined right now.
What’s the deal?
So, you get a phone call from the Loan Officer, advising … (2 comments)

real estate: Lending Niches that can Make or Break your Deal - Did you know? - 02/17/14 02:47 AM
Niches. Such an interesting word. Webster defines it as "a distinct segment of a market".
What do you define it as? A specific focus or offer that is unusual or more difficult to find? Or some other variation of this theme?
Often times in Real Estate, our very career is set in motion by a niche - First Time Homebuyer, Luxury Homes, Vacation Homes, New Homes,on and on, etc., etc., etc.
Naturally, this begs the question - are there other ways to build my niche? Can I augment what I already do, or even better, can I create an entirely new … (1 comments)

real estate: 5 things my Grandma taught me that STILL apply! - 01/29/14 09:56 AM
Ok. We all have had people who have impacted our lives – parents, teachers, coaches, and so on. But, we often have one person who stands out as a primary impact on our life. For me, that was my grandmother Rose.
First, some background on Granma Rose. She was no ordinary Grandma. She lived until she was 88 years old, and was cleaning houses until she was in her 80′s. Can you imagine? She had to bury 5 of her children before she passed, and lost her husband 25 years before she would pass. Grandma Rose had a strong German heritage, … (31 comments)

real estate: Manners and etiquette - do they matter in the Real Estate Industry? - 01/21/14 01:12 AM
I was recently working with a realtor who was preparing an offer for a client. She was working diligently on her information gathering (recent sales, condition of home, termite report, etc.) and wanted to talk with the seller's agent to ensure her preparation was sound. Our loan pre approval was complete, and she had her per approval letter already in hand as part of her personal checklist of prep work.
Unfortunately, this sellers' agent was not easy to reach, and our realtor had left several voicemail on both the home and cel numbers, without a return call. The issue was fairly simple.....return … (4 comments)

real estate: 2014 Plan - Rubber hits road - Part ! of 12 (January) Are you game? - 01/07/14 02:13 AM
We all do it. We get excited about a new year, feel a rebirth of sorts and make several promises to our friends, colleagues and family. "I am going to lose weight!", or, "I am going to increase my production (common in the real estate industry)". "I am going to work fewer hours", or "I am going to work more hours!".
Whatever your promise or resolution, we are going to examine them more carefully and write about goals and planning. What specifics can you come up with? Who do we need help from? How do we increase productivity and efficiencies?
Goals … (2 comments)

real estate: What is the FIRST thing you will do to jump start your 2014? - 12/28/13 07:13 AM
Out with the old, and in with the new. What can we do differently to get your 2014 year into big time production mode? Or, do you simply need to maintain last year's rate of performance?
Review and or create a marketing plan? Review your structure and the role of assistants and vendors? Make new offers into markets that you have not currently operating in?
Review your schedule, define your ideal client, etc. etc. etc.
Things can get muddy quick - and old habits arise.....
The new year always brings new hope, and consideration of our work habits, style and reviewing … (11 comments)

real estate: What changes you need to make for 2014 to make your Production Soar! - 12/18/13 10:19 AM
We begin simply with some goal setting - what are your plans for income, units closed, new referral sources, marketing budget, etc.
Simple, right? Although we see these as basic and even critical, things can get lost in translation and suddenly we do not have a plan in place.
In the beginning.....
We have to start with a rigorous conversation about your income. So, for example, if you made $100,000 in 2013 and want to double it, the 2014 goal becomes $200,000. Assuming it took 20 transactions to create that $100,000, to double your income would require closing 40 transactions in 2014.

real estate: How to avoid Mortgage Insurance and still have a low Down Payment! - 12/17/13 05:21 AM
Whether you have a first time homebuyer or simply a client with limited funds for a home purchase, a common concern is mortgage insurance. This is particularly true with FHA financing, where monthly mortgage insurance premiums are high. Typically, mortgage insurance is a percentage of the loan amount, so naturally the higher the loan amount the higher the monthly cost.
So, what is mortgage insurance and why is it so expensive?
Mortgage Insurance is loan insurance, where the lender is protected from the client defaulting on the mortgage. A third party company provides it, and the client pays a monthly fee.

real estate: Marketing to the masses or By Referral Only- what is your preferred approach? - 11/19/13 08:08 AM
Whenever we attempt to sell a service or product, we are always in a quandary of who will buy it or be the end user. Will it be more efficient or cost effective if we market online? Does anyone NOT purchase or select products online? What returns can you expect if your product or service are referral only?
In the Beginning……
When we are first getting started in the Real Estate industry, the primary concern that most loan agents or realtors have to face is lead generation. How do we do it? Whom do we target as our ideal audience? Who … (2 comments)

real estate: Wouldn't it be fun to rate your CLIENTS publicly? What would you say? - 10/22/13 08:00 AM
Social Media. It is EVERYWHERE. Sites that do just about everything, from Facebook to Linkedin and on and on and on, there is no limit to posting comments, likes, photos and blogs....etc.
We do a great deal of work hoping to produce positive assessments, especially from clients. It does not matter if they are B2B clients, or if they are direct clients like we see if the real estate industry.
On top of this is the ability for clients to incessantly evaluate YOU, your company and your reputation. Sites like YELP have clients clamoring for info on you before they even meet … (120 comments)

real estate: Just how important is it to be on time? What does it say about you? - 10/16/13 10:34 AM
We learned very early in on time, make an impression. In fact, the first impression usually tells us most of what we need to know about someone, and is rarely wrong. So, if this is true, why are we late? Are our lives that full, that we cannot show up on time?
What do people think of us when we are NOT on time? Does it matter with technology today?
First things, first.....
We see as a basic human interaction that being on time implies that we care about and value the time of whomever we are meeting with. This establishes … (114 comments)

real estate: Why is 80% of your time spent on tasks - can you change it? - 10/10/13 06:33 AM
There are many interpretations in business regarding how we spend our time. If you are in a sales position of some sort, the ideal way to spend your time is selling – whether it be face to face or some facet using technology, the life blood of a business is transactions that close.
Whenever we consider how we spend our time, the first thing that jumps out to a manager, owner or sales person is - where does our time go?
We have to identify what our best use of time is, and how we attract business and … (4 comments)

real estate: The True Value of a Thank You! - 09/30/13 09:28 AM
How many times do we look back and think, I wish I had thanked so and so for thier work on my.......?
Gratitude works in interesting ways, as we work to take care of families and all of our commitments we lose sight of the many people who help us make that happen.
In the Real Estate industry, we see vendors, coaches, assistants, admin, and countless others who have taught us over the years and helped shaped the offer that we are today. Imagine if you had to itemize all of the people who made an impact on your life and … (19 comments)

real estate: Who will be the next Fed Chairman and what does it mean for all of us? - 09/16/13 08:24 AM
Such a grand question to start off the week!
However, this is a critical component to the real estate market. Nominate and accept a "hawk", or conservative Chairman and interest rates keep rising, thus stifling a mild economic recovery. Or, nominate and accept a "dove", and allow the government spending and Quanitative Easing to continue, thus keeping rates low for a longer period to allow the economy time to recover further?
Lights, Camera, Action!
With Ben Bernanke nearing the end of his second term, there is pressure to produce a successor quickly. But, who has the qualifications and the foresight … (5 comments)

real estate: What do you mean the appraisal came in low - now what? - 09/12/13 09:36 AM
Oy. We get the client pre approved, then find a home. We negotiate what appears to be a fair price. We submit the loan, and we get the appraisal ordered. When the appraisal comes in, it is below the purchase price. Now what?
Well, I was not expecting this....
Lenders prefer to use independant third parties for the appraisals, called appraisal management companies. These companies, called AMC's, assign the report to a licensed appraiser, who has to bid on the work (turn time, distance and so on). When the appraiser is chosen, that is the end of it from the … (6 comments)

real estate: Call to ARMs! And more creative ways to make home purchasing easier! - 08/20/13 03:12 AM
Ok, so we have all seen interest rates on the rise, and when they jump so much in a short period, rates can impact both the refinance market and home purchase market.
When interest rates climb, home affordability is reduced. When rates climb a large amount in a short time, they can have a significant impact on home purchasing. How do we address this, particularly when the real estate market has done a terrific job of recovering in most areas of the country?
After all, interest rates are historically low - albeit no longer at all time lows so is this … (10 comments)

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