raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: Durham, North Carolina mourns the death of Lista Yarbrough...a fellow REALTOR® and my friend - 01/17/08 09:30 AM
Today, after a five year battle with cancer, Lista Yarbrough went home to be with the Lord.
(July 1, 1973 - January 17, 2008)
As the Vice President of the Durham Regional Association of REALTORS® and a top-producing agent with Realty Executives Triangle, Lista was well-known and well-loved by her peers in the real estate business. Since her diagnosis of cancer in 2003, Lista has fought couragiously...openly sharing her story in order to inspire others to fight also. Her death leaves a void that only her contagious smile and loving heart could ever fill.
When I remember Lista, I think of the words … (60 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: Man Convicted of Murdering Real Estate Agent, Sarah Anne Walker, Sentenced to Death in Texas - 01/04/08 04:57 AM
Some of you may remember the headlines about the brutal murder of Sarah Anne Walker in July 2006; however, it is more likely that you either do not remember or never saw the reports. I heard about her murder in passing and thought..."How horrible!" Then, in truth, I thought about it no more...until this morning.
Sarah Anne Walker was an attractive, successful, 40 year-old onsite agent for D.R. Horton in McKinney, Texas. On the day of her death, she was doing what she did every other day...her job. She was hosting an open house in a model home of the Hemingway … (53 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: What’s Aunt Bee doing in my MeMe? - 12/22/07 09:55 AM
Although I personally feel that every post I write is another piece of ‘meme'...my buddy, Lisa Heindel, seems to think that I'm holding something back. In her recent post, A MeMe Trifecta, Lisa shares 5 of her previously hidden secrets and has tagged me to do the same. After reading Lisa's post, Martin Abeshaus also joined with her in demanding that I strip away all my masks and reveal the naked truth about what makes Elizabeth Nieves tick. Lisa and Martin...I'll do my best to make you proud!
Well...gosh, golly, gee whizz...where do I begin? I was born a coal miner's daughter. … (32 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: Though the world may label me a fool…I believe in YOU! - 12/19/07 04:11 PM
Music is incredibly powerful. Just hearing a few notes of certain songs can take me back to a specific moment in time. When I close my eyes...while listening to the song...I can ‘see' the moment...feel the moment...and sometimes even smell the moment.
Last week, I came across a CD that I have not played in years. I slid it into the CD player and waited for the first song to start. Hearing the first note of the song, I was immediately transported out of the present moment and back to a day long ago...a really, really hot day in Atlanta, Georgia. … (19 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: Who Cares? YOU DO!!! YOU proved it by GIVING from your HEARTS! (UPDATE: The Melissa Grant Fire Relief Fund) - 12/17/07 07:26 AM
Saturday morning...after learning of the housefire that destroyed a portion of Melissa Grant's home...I wrote a post asking for ActiveRain members to join me in giving Christmas back to Melissa and her family. I shared with you how the fire began in 15 year-old Joshua's room and destroyed ALL of his possessions. I told you about 7 year-old Grace and 6 year-old Cole's fear that Santa would not be able to find them this year. I asked you to place yourself in their shoes...to imagine how you would feel if you could not be in YOUR own home for Christmas...to ask yourself how you … (34 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: URGENT! An ActiveRain Member Needs YOUR Help!! (PLEASE READ THIS! THIS COULD HAVE BEEN ANY ONE OF US!) - 12/15/07 04:31 AM
When I woke up this morning, I received an email from one of my friends here at ActiveRain. She pointed me to Melissa Grant's post, There is no place like home for the Holidays...My Story. I had not previously read Melissa's blog, but I am so thankful that I read this post. A few minutes ago, I hung up from speaking with Melissa. I have her permission to share her story with you.
Here is the first paragraph of her post:  (Please click the link above to read the entire post.)
"On Saturday December 8, 2007 while myself and kids … (121 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: Totally EXPOSED...What Would YOU Do? - 12/13/07 10:30 AM
Last night...as I was drifting off to sleep...I had a random flashback to a very embarrassing moment. I was eighteen years old...working as a waitress in a Mexican restaurant in order to pay for college. I hated (HATED) our uniforms...an off-the-shoulder, white peasant blouse and an orange, wrap-around, flouncy skirt (like Spanish dancers wear...but above the knee). We also wore black heels and black stockings. (Oh yeah...I think you are getting the picture.) I began petitioning for new uniforms my first week; however, the owner thought we looked ‘cute' dressed like ‘meseras' from a Mexican saloon.
On a particularly busy … (78 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: A North Carolina Holiday Favorite: Deep Fried Mistletoe with a Dollop of Mint Jelly - 12/12/07 02:49 PM
Okay...we DON'T actually eat fried mistletoe in North Carolina (as far as I know), but we will put just about anything on a stick...fry it...and sell it for $6 at the State Fair. Think I'm joking? Shall I remind you of the fried dill pickle and fried snickers bar? I rest my case.

All joking aside...North Carolina is home to some of the finest food (and cooks) in the world. ::TAKING A BOW:: With the Christmas season upon us, I would like to share some of my favorite North Carolina recipes with you.
By any chance, did you know … (20 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: ANSWERS to 'What Country has the Stiffest Punishment for Drinking and Driving?' - 12/09/07 09:59 AM
This is a follow-up to yesterday's post, THINKING about DRINKING and DRIVING?? (What country has the stiffest punishment?). Check the answers below to see how well you did at matching the country with the punishment...
Australia     Canada     South Africa     France     Norway     El Savador     Bulgaria     Finland and Sweden     England     Russia     Turkey        Poland     Costa Rica     Malaya                             
The first drinking and driving offense warrants loss of license for one year and the equivalent of a $600 fine. The second offense warrants two weeks in jail and loss of license for two years.   (Canada) Drunk drivers simply lose their license for life.   (Russia) If a man is caught … (26 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: THINKING about DRINKING and DRIVING?? (What country has the stiffest punishment?) - 12/08/07 08:57 AM
After reading several recent posts warning against drinking and driving this holiday season...I became curious about how our sentences for drunk driving compare to those of other countries. What began as a random curiosity has led to some really interesting conversation in my home. Since I was completely unaware of these laws and sentences for drunk driving...I imagine that many of you are not aware of them either. How knowledgeable are you? (These are ALL true punishments for drinking and driving. I did not make this 'stuff' up!!)
 Can you match the country with the punishment???
Australia     Canada     South Africa     … (17 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: My Christmas MIRACLE!!! - 12/06/07 12:14 PM
On Christmas Eve 2005, I jumped out of bed extra early and hit the floor running. I had a mile long list titled, ‘Things I MUST do TODAY or ELSE!!!' The ‘ELSE' part was not an option...as I was hosting a Christmas celebration at my home that evening. I could not afford to waste even one minute...and I did not.
In case you are wondering, I did have a second list...‘ HONEY-DO THIS or ELSE!!!' ‘Honey' was up and running also...all the way out the door to finish some shopping. The morning was off to a great start...everything right on schedule.

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: Facing YOUR Giants........ - 12/05/07 04:53 PM
In my favorite book, The Holy Bible, there are many examples of GOOD triumphing over EVIL. It appears that God anticipated our human tendency to be skeptical and in need of irrefutable evidence in order to fully trust Him. I imagine Him...as He was inspiring men to write The Bible and thinking to Himself... "I know I've already given them all the proof they need, but I think I'll add just one more story to seal the deal. I love them so much...I can't allow their own fear to cause them to fail. This one will teach them to trust ME." … (35 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: I found some old letters…love letters… - 12/04/07 11:20 AM
A few days ago...while searching for some important papers...I discovered a box of keepsakes that I have not seen in many years. Taking a seat on the side of my bed, I began searching through my ‘treasure box'...not really sure what I would find hidden inside. One at a time, I took out pieces of my past...cherished memories preserved in photographs, cards, children's drawings and letters.
As soon as I saw the little bundle of pink parchment envelopes...my heart skipped a beat, and a single tear rolled down my cheek. In that moment, I was a teenager again...fragile and insecure...wanting so … (36 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: I'm PROUD to be an AMERICAN! Remembering Our Brave Soldiers...Let's say 'THANKS'!!! - 12/03/07 07:31 AM
Thanksgiving Day has passed...and Christmas is just around the corner! IF you are like me, December is the busiest month of the year. There is so much to do:  SO many gifts to purchase...SO many decorations to hang...SO many parties to attend...SO much food to cook and eat! In the words of our beloved Christmas carol..."it's the most wonderful time of the year!"
As we enjoy ALL of the warmth and happiness of the season, please let us take a few minutes to remember our brave men and women who are serving our country. Whether we personally know anyone serving in the military or not, we owe them … (28 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: What’s love got to do with it???…why it’s important to make a connection with your REALTOR®. - 12/03/07 04:01 AM
You WANT to sell your home...OR...you NEED to sell your home. Either way, chances are that you would not consider taking on the daunting task of FSBOing (For Sale By Ownering). I mean...these REALTOR® people are the experts. They work ‘out there' in the market every day. You know that you want to sell your home for the highest possible price. They know how to make it happen. This is a marriage made in heaven!
But wait...IF it is such a simple formula, why do only 30% of sellers (based on 2006 statistics) call the agent they used previously???
Before you … (7 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: Last night, I received one of THOSE phone calls…it reminded me to BE CAREFUL! - 12/02/07 01:38 PM
After six years in the real estate business, I should NOT need a reminder to be careful. Safety should be in the forefront of my mind at all times...in all circumstances. I've heard the terrible accounts of agents being robbed and murdered during open houses...even in my own city. I've walked into vacant homes and discovered drug addicts and vagrants living inside. I've taken self-defense classes and learned how to think quickly in the event of an attack. I've even been the victim of stalking. Yet...I do forget. I get busy, and I forget just how dangerous it really is ‘out … (49 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: A Little Bit of Christmas Cheer from The Nieves Family of Elves! - 12/02/07 04:37 AM
Well...it is official! December is here, and Christmas is just around the corner. Here in North Carolina...we rarely see a 'White Christmas'...but we still have LOTS of CHRISTMAS SPIRIT.
From the Nieves Family to Your Family...Merry Christmas!
So...click on the link and watch the Nieves Family of Elves boogie...woogie...woogie...till we just can't boogie no more!!! (We practiced ALL day just for YOU!!!)
Written and Posted by:
Elizabeth Nieves - Broker, REALTOR® -- The Elizabeth Nieves Realty Group @ Keller Williams (A Bilingual Real Estate Team serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill NC and surrounding areas.)
Visit our website at http://www.elizabethnieves.com

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: Rule #3 (of Elizabeth's R.E. Rule Book) ***IF YOU WANT ME TO SELL YOUR LISTING...I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SHOW IT!*** - 11/30/07 05:27 AM
Dear Mr. Listing Agent,
Although we have not yet met...you have been the source of great inspiration for me. Oh YES...that is why I am writing you today. You see...I'm dedicating a whole chapter just to you...as you have contributed so much valuable material to my (yet-to-be-published) R.E. Rule Book. Rest assured that I will reserve an autographed copy just for you; however, I'll give you an exclusive, never-before-seen, sneak peek right now.
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading Elizabeth's R.E. Rule Book and recommend it to all of your friends. As you read, you may even recognize THEIR contribution to this … (81 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: Do you KNOW who I am? - 11/28/07 02:15 PM
 For so many reasons, ‘The Ultimate Gift' has become one of my favorite movies of all time. Early in the movie, there is a scene where Jason (the main character) plops down in the first class section of an airplane. The steward approaches Jason and asks to see his boarding pass. As Jason hands it to him, the steward says, "Ummm...sir...I believe you are in the wrong seat. Your seat is 32B." Jason replies, "Do you have any idea who I am?" The steward answers, "Yes sir, you are the passenger in 32B."
Earlier today, I read Andrew Trevino's post … (30 comments)

raleigh durham chapel hill real estate: Have YOU ever been the victim of 'GOOD NAME' THEFT? (IF you are one of the 'GOOD GUYS'...you NEED to read this.) - 11/27/07 05:27 AM
In my seven years of involvement in the real estate industry, I've encountered EVERY kind of unscrupulous behavior under the sun...or at least it seems that way. In fact, I've often asked myself..."How do people get away with 'stuff' like that?" I've been tempted, at times, to carry a giant 'integrity stick' and knock a little 'integrity' into some of the real estate professionals I've been unfortunate enough to meet. (YES...my 'integrity stick' is really just a baseball bat...but it is highly effective!)
Before you get nervous...I've NEVER actually used my 'integrity stick' on anyone. I have, however, used all (non-violent) means, at my disposal, … (37 comments)


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