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The Farm is a wonderful upscale community located off of Yelm Highway in Olympia, WA. All of the homes in this community are custom homes of the up-most quality many with very impressive architecture. The community was started approximately 20 years ago and I am currently preparing for the very l...
I would like to tell you about a very wonderful restaurant that I love called the Falls Terrace. Not only does this restaurant have wonderful service and food but has an absolutely stunning view as it actually sits overlooking a waterfall. The Falls Terrace is located on the Deschutes River betwe...
If you have been in or around Thurston County the last couple of years you would have to almost be blind to not see the growth and development of the area. There is building everywhere, literally thousands of new homes. Many people may ask themselves, "why are so many people moving to the area?" ...
   The Arbors is located right off of Carpenter and Mullen road in Lacey, WA. This community is located right next to Long Lake and in fact actually has a community lake front park right on the main community road. The park albeit not large, is nice. You enter through a locked security gate and w...
Everyday we here of breakthrough technologies revolutionalizing the world and simplifying our lives. I mean everything from automodbiles, medical technology, televisions, mobile phones, and of course our personal computers and laptops. The question that perplexes me is with all of the technology ...
I know we have all had them, client's children that run around the house you are showing, screaming, yelling, or just being a disruption. And maybe you're thinking, "gosh that child is just bad", or "what kind of parents would allow this?" I contend that maybe you look beyond what you see for the...
There There are a great many reason for taking a plunge a purchasing a home and I am sure you can get 10 different reasons from 10 different Realtors. I will not tell you what the best reason for you is however I can tell you greatest benifits home ownership has given me. For starters there is th...

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