kamloops homes for sale: Is your Kamloops House Overpriced? - 10/14/11 03:53 AM

Your Kamloops home has all the benefits: hardwood, fresh paint, a great security system, heated pool, and a built-in barbecue pit.  But, why is your perfect home still on the market after 4 long months?  In today’s buyers market, your home may be overpriced.  That may be a tough pill to swallow after all of the hard work you put into your home, but the market just isn’t on your side right now.  So, how can you tell if your home is priced to sell or priced to stay?  Here are a few warning signs that you’ll be … (0 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Canadian Real Estate Magazine names Kamloops among Top 5 Investment Towns - 10/12/11 04:27 PM

Kamloops residents have long understood that they have a wonderful life.  From skiing and hiking to fine arts and dining, there is something for everyone. Today, it is apparent that more and more people understand the great life Kamloops has to offer.
Canadian Real Estate Magazine recently named Kamloops as one of the top 5 investment towns in BC.  Thanks to increasing home sales, a strong rental market, and less of an oversupply of condominiums in comparison to other town, Kamloops is making a name for itself. In addition, the $50M put into renovating and building additional sports facilities is … (3 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Tile or Concrete? Which is the best flooring choice for your Kamloops Home? - 10/03/11 04:10 AM
For the last several decades, tile has been one of the most common choices for flooring in many Kamloops homes.  It’s durable, comes in various sizes and colors, and has products to match most budgets.  In recent years, however, many consumers have turned to polished concrete as a flooring alternative.  Although it started as cost-effective flooring for commercial spaces, homeowners have started to discover this durable, cost-effective flooring option.  However, which one is the right choice for you?  Whether your choose tile and polished concrete, both are durable, have reasonable price options, and look great.  Both can support radiant floor heating … (6 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Keeping friends close after your move to Kamloops - 09/23/11 03:59 AM
In today’s busy world, friendships have changed.  We no longer live in a time where hand-written letters and cards are exchanged or weekly “social calls” are a way of life.  Instead, we live in a world of cell phones, Skype, and text messaging.  With all of these inventions, you would think that keeping up with long distance friends would be easy… somehow; we seem to be losing the battle of maintaining long distance friendships following a move.  But, there are some easy ways to stay in touch with old friends when you move to Kamloops:
1.    Set aside time: Remember, … (2 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Scare up Some Halloween Fun in Kamloops - 09/16/11 03:57 AM
It’s hard to believe Halloween is just six weeks away!  The weather is perfect for parties, ghost stories, and trick-or-treating in Kamloops.  Whether you’re a resident, or looking for a great place for a weekend get-away, Kamloops has activities for every level of scare!  So, pick out your costume, carve the pumpkin, and take advantage of the many spooky Halloween events Kamloops has to offer during October.
Pumpkin Picking:  Kids of all ages will enjoy picking their own pumpkin at Tranquille Farms.  In addition to a U-pick pumpkin patch, you can enjoy free tractor rides, animal encounters, and trampoline jumps.  … (0 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Your Kamloops Home Fall Checklist - 09/09/11 04:22 AM
September is here. Soon, fall breezes will replace warm sunny afternoons and trees will begin to shed. And that can only mean one thing—winter isn’t far away.  Fall brings a great opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and finish the projects we started on our Kamloops home over the summer.  It also gives us a chance to get a jump on preparing for the harshness of winter. Therefore, as your summer vacations end, here are some home projects to focus on this fall:
      1.     Windows:  The beauty of Kamloops  is best viewed through clean windows.  The inside, outside, and … (4 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Don’t Lose a Sale Because of an Avoidable Mistake! - 09/05/11 03:28 AM
Selling your Kamloops home can be an exhausting experience—from the challenges of keeping your home clean to working around last minute showings, your house can feel like it already belongs to someone else.  Today’s market is tough, and there is a lot of competition for homes.  Phoebe Chongchua of Realty Times recently identified the top mistakes many sellers make—and these mistakes can result in you getting less money for your home or not selling the home at all.  To be sure you get top dollar for your home, be sure to avoid these common mistakes:
1.      Staying for Showings:  Simply put, … (0 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Mortgages: Don’t Learn the Hard Way - 08/28/11 07:17 AM
While learning from experience is great in most areas, it is not the best way to learn about mortgages.  In fact, learning from experience can cost you thousands of dollars and many headaches.  Before signing on that dotted line to purchase your new Kamloops home, be sure to do your research and understand exactly what you are signing.  According to a recent article by PJ Wade on Realty Times, here are five things to think about when determining which mortgage and which lender is right for you:
1.    Consider the source:  While the internet is a great research tool, it can … (2 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: The Real Costs of Buying Your Kamloops Home - 08/16/11 05:03 AM
For many of us, buying our own home in Kamloops is a dream come true.  It is the reward for years of saving, planning, and searching for the perfect floorplan and neighborhood.  As you plan for this major purchase, it is easy to focus on getting your down payment together and budgeting for monthly mortgages. There are other costs, however, that catches many people by surprise and sometimes raises the total cost of the home by thousands of dollars. Legal fees, inspections, insurance, and appraisals are just a few costs that most home buyers have to pay, but many fail to … (0 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Splish Splash in Kamloops - 07/25/11 03:31 AM
Summer is here…time to put away your snow skis and winter clothes for awhile and enjoy the warm weather and the outdoors!  In Kamloops, there is no better way to enjoy summer than to spend time on one of our many lakes and rivers.  Whether you’re looking for speed and adventure or a quiet place to relax and read a book, there are plenty of places to explore in Kamloops. 
Are you an adrenaline junkie?  Do you like the thrill of speeding down the rapids? If you said yes, then you’re ready for whitewater rafting. Riding the rapids on Kamloops’ rivers … (1 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Fore! Time for Golf in Kamloops - 05/12/11 06:43 AM
Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors in Kamloops.  The snow has melted, and the beautiful flowers and various kinds of wildlife are now prominent features in the landscape. If you are like many residents of Kamloops, you may be headed out to enjoy the sights and smells of spring with a round of golf.  Kamloops and its surrounding areas include more than a dozen unique and challenging golf courses that vary from desert scape to mountain or lake views.  If you're interested in taking some swings, here are a few of the courses you can consider:
Rivershore: This … (0 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Don't get scammed on your spring renovation. - 04/28/11 05:43 AM
With warmer weather approaching, many of you may be looking at plans for spring renovations.  New decks, updated bathrooms, and bedroom additions are all common renovations that can add functionality and value to your Kamloops home. A recent article from Michael Sanibel identified several renovation scams that you should consider as you make your plans:
1.     The One-Time Deal.  This is one of the oldest scams in the book.  Often, you will receive a  "special" mailing or phone call that says the contractor can do your work for a great price if you'll sign the contract today.     While sales and specials … (2 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Planning For Your Down Payment - 04/11/11 05:17 AM
Are you planning to buy a New Home in the Kamloops area?  If so, you are probably saving for that down payment.  But how much should you expect to put down on your dream home?  Many financial advisors suggest putting down at least 20% of the mortgage. This seemingly large down payment will eliminate the need to purchase Mortgage insurance, which is added onto your monthly payment.  Additionally, the more you are able to put down, the less interest and fees that will be amortized over the length of the mortgage.
Saving for a down payment can seem like a daunting … (2 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Leaping Into Spring Gardens! - 04/05/11 05:47 AM

Spring is here! The sun is out, days are getting longer, and it's time to plant beautiful flowers...well, almost.  Bouquets of fresh picked roses, homemade salsa, and juicy berries are just a few rewards you can garner from your garden. But, before you plant those seeds and saplings at your Kamloops home, there are few preparations to be made:
1.    Tool check up. After a winter in the shed, take inventory of tools and make sure you have the basics and they are still in good condition. Basic tools include a trowel, shovel, cultivating fork and gardening gloves. You may … (6 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Buy and Sell Certified - 03/30/11 03:14 AM

Buying a pre-owned home can be risky.  You don't know how well the previous owner has cared for the home, and you may not have a clear understanding of the condition of systems inside the home, such as heating and cooling, the roof, or major appliances. 
I am pleased to be the exclusive provider in Kamloops for Certified Pre-Owned Homes.  This new program will allow buyers to feel comfortable with the condition of the pre-owned home they are purchasing, and will allow sellers to garner the maximum price for their home.
First of all, what is a … (0 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Are you Ready to Sell? - 03/22/11 04:41 AM

So, you're thinking about selling your Kamloops home.  Is your home ready? In previous years, you could often put a sign in the front yard, and the house would sell...as is.  Those days are gone.   In today's competitive market, there are a few things you need to do before opening your doors to an agent or potential buyer:
1.  First impressions last forever!  When you roll into your driveway, what do you see?  Is it inviting and clean or do you want to put the car in gear and just drive away?  This is a decision a potential buyer must … (0 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Bathroom Renovations that Won't Break the Bank - 02/21/11 03:37 AM
 Bathrooms are probably the most used and abused areas of our Kamloops homes. They are also one of the most cost effective areas to remodel.  Unfortunately, many of us put off renovating bathrooms due to the associated cost.  But, while professionals estimate the typical bathroom remodel will cost around $19,000, there are many budget-friendly, weekend projects you can do to update and overhaul the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank:
1.    Fresh Paint: We all know a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into virtually any room. Wall color can provide a great backdrop for accents in … (3 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Kamloops: Ginseng Center of North America? - 02/10/11 04:35 AM
Ginseng is an herbaceous perennial that has long been used for its apparent medicinal purposes.  Although its benefits are just reaching acceptance in the modern world, Asian cultures have used ginseng for centuries as a preventative health supplement.   There are even documented stories of use in treating dysentery and other illnesses in North America dating back to the 1700s. 
 Today, use of Ginseng has evolved and it is often sought to fight fatigue, balance and tone the skin, de-stress the body, and promote cell regeneration.  With this new trend in use, it is no surprise that Ginseng spa treatments are popping … (3 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Kamloops Night Life: Plan your Personal Beer Tasting Tour - 02/03/11 02:01 AM

Beer tasting parties and tours has grown in popularity over the years. With a variety of ethnic restaurants, microbreweries, and favorite local watering holes within walking distance of each other, Kamloops is a great place to take a walking beer tasting tour.  Here are some of our favorite places and some tips to make your personal beer tour great:
The first stop on your Brew Tour is the Noble Pig Brewhouse, Kamloops' newest and only micro brewery open to the public.  The Noble Pig features an astounding seven different beers made in-house.  And don't forget the snacks; Noble Pig offers … (2 comments)

kamloops homes for sale: Hot Tub Dreams in Kamloops - 01/31/11 07:36 AM
A hot tub can be a great addition to your Kamloops home.  The thought of relaxing in that steaming water as the snow falls is quite inviting, especially after a hard day at work or skiing.  
 We've all seen the iconic pictures of 70's Hot Tub Parties-lots of people in little swim suits hanging out in the wood paneled spa.  Today, hot tubs are just as popular as they were back then, though the typical use is more personal than a big bash. And while the basic concept is still the same, hot tubs have advanced with time and now come … (0 comments)

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