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Are Banks Acting in Bad Faith? When dealing with distressed property there are many parties involved who all want what is best for themselves. In a short sale transaction it can often be difficult to get the lender(s) to agree to a sale, especially in a timely manner. There are various reasons fo...
Important Considerations When Buying a Short Sale   The first thing to keep in mind when making an offer on a short sale is that it can be a longer process than normal (and by "can be", I mean almost always). The reason for the delay is that the seller cannot just accept an offer and sell you the...
REO Buyer's Gain More Control Over Services Anyone who has been involved in an REO purchase knows how strict the sellers contracts are. Up until now REO sellers have required buyers to use the sellers choice of escrow and title (so the sellers can negotiate a special rate for the volume). This ha...
Mortgage Defaults Hit FHA Mortgage delinquencies have spread through the entire spectrum of mortgage loans. Delinquencies and defaults have even taken a toll on the Federal Housing Administration. The FHA has legally required reserves of 2% of the loans that it insures. It has now fallen short of...
WHAT IT TAKES TO GET A DEAL IN THE CURRENT MARKET As the real estate market continues to change, the art of the deal changes with it. What kind of market are we in now? Buyers market? Sellers Market? Of course your thinking "it can't be a seller's market right?" Well, as usual, It's not that simp...

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