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Is Second Foreclosure Wave Still Coming?   Although we've seen less bank owned properties for sale in San Diego than the flood that hit in 2008, it seems logical that a second wave should be coming in soon. The first wave of foreclosures was mainly those with mortgages that had reset to higher ra...
A few weeks ago I posted a chart of the "flash crash" in the stock market. It showed how a market, no matter how erratic, if left to trade freely, will correct itself quickly without any intervention. It may become a bit exaggerated due to panic of the masses, however the correction happens much ...
As many people have experienced when trying to find someone to repair or build something on their property, quality and honesty are attributes that seem to be forgotten.  Almost everyone has a story about a contractor who tried to rip them off, or did, or had an upfront estimate but then charged ...
After taking the initiative to halt foreclosures in all 50 states, Bank of America has announced they are already back to foreclosing again - even in the 23 states that require judicial foreclosure. After their shares dropped last week on the foreclosure halt announcement, they no doubt are tryin...
Well the Bonita Fest came and went again this year. This was the smallest Bonita fest in a decade or two. Unfortunately for the kids, there was no parade this year. Next year, however, a parade is promised once again thanks to some local contributions.
It took a couple of days to digest, but banks took a steep hit today as the market tries to guesstimate the financial damage the foreclosure halting is going to have on them. It was a relatively strong day in the market, beginning the day with a gap up and ending higher. However, the banks just d...
After numerous lawsuits filed against lenders who made errors during the foreclosure process, big banks have now temporarily halted foreclosure proceedings. GMAC was the first to announce such halts, first in 23 states that foreclose judicially. Now, JP Morgan and Bank Of America have followed su...

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