home loan: Reasons to get Pre-Approved - 04/26/18 12:35 PM
Most markets across the country are in the same boat to some degree or another with demand outpacing supply for homes on the market.  The Real Estate Market in Nevada is moving fast, with demand outpacing supply as well.  When a home comes on the market, you can be sure that a number of people are interested in it.  If a prospective has not yet done their homework and prepared for their home purchase, both mentally and financially, then the first person that HAS will likely beat them to the offer table to purchase the property.
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home loan: Important Closing Tips - 04/29/14 07:49 AM
Do not move move money around or make large deposits or withdrawals.  Bank verification's are done just before escrow and all large deposits (over $1,000) other than normal payroll will have to have a paper trail of bank statements.  We must "source" the deposit.  This is required do to the Patriot Act. Delay any large purchases.  For goodness sake, don't buy a car and a house at the same time.   Wait until escrow closes to make any large purchase you are planning.  Your credit will be verified just before closing escrow.  Please don't jeopardize your home loan because of impatience. … (0 comments)

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