orlando: Orlando Housing Market on the Rise - 05/30/13 05:01 AM
Read the full market report at: The Pink Flamingo-Everything Orlando Vacation Homes
Orlando’s housing market is back on the rise. With low interest rates and prices quickly on the rise buyers are back in the market ready and eager to buy.  Earlier this month CNN stated that “Orlando Florida is up 63% for real estate and one of the TOP cities where real estate is being flipped and making huge profits. Home values and prices are expected to go up 3.3% annually until around 2017 when they are expected to begin to level back out”.  Here are some of the market highlights and … (1 comments)

orlando: 16 Tips for Renting a Windsor Hills Vacation Home - 04/01/13 04:05 AM
This is a guest post by Kevin Kirby, owner of 5 Star Vacation Homes, a vacation rental home management company that specializes in Windsor Hills. You can subscribe to their newsletter here. 
Choosing a vacation destination can be easy. Asking yourself “Where do I want to go” is a question that comes to mind often; hopefully that question leads you to the sunny state of Florida. Central Florida boasts some of the best beaches, attractions, and weather, making it an ideal location for leisure travel. Picking your destination is simple; selecting where you want to stay requires a little more thought. Narrowing down what kind of accommodation is … (0 comments)

orlando: 6 Reasons Not To Buy Vacation Home Rentals in Orlando - 03/04/13 03:33 AM
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At any given time, there are scores of vacation home rentals in Orlando available for purchase as it's a tourist hotspot. You may find yourself asking, “is the investment worth it?” There are important factors to keep in mind, such as your budget, your time, and the risks included. Make sure you are investing your hard-earned money the right way and for the right reasons: here are six reasons why you shouldn’t buy a vacation home rental in Orlando. 1) You Are Looking For a Cheap Cash … (1 comments)

orlando: 6 Secrets of Successful Windsor Hills Owners and How They Got There - 03/02/13 04:45 AM
This is a guest post by Rick Albert, a successful Windsor Hills vacation home owner. Rick Albert purchased his vacation from The Flamingo Group last year and is doing extremely well with it. Here he shares about his experiences on how you can also find success owning an Orlando vacation home. If you are interested renting Rick's villa for your next trip to Orlando you can contact him directly here: Rick's Windsor Hill's Villa
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So you're considering purchasing a vacation rental property in the Windsor Hills Resort … (2 comments)

orlando: Vacation Home of the Week- Sunshine Villa Orlando - 10/17/11 04:33 AM
We've gone through dozens of applications and viewed numerous homes to bring you some of the best vacation homes and owners that Orlando has to offer. We're proud to compile this list of unique vacation homes and outside-the-box thinking owners. We think each of these homes deserves to be recognized and certainly should be at the top of your list for those of you traveling to Orlando. Check out this week's Vacation Home of the Week!!  
Sunshine Villa Orlando
Location: Davenport, FL
Neighborhood: Westridge
Owner Booking Weeks: 48+ (WOW!)
Management Booking Weeks: 0
Website: www.SunshineVillaOrlando.com
Westridge Vacation Homes … (0 comments)

orlando: 5 Reasons Why Your Offers Keep Getting Rejected on an Orlando Investment Property - 06/03/11 07:38 AM
Read The the Full Article Here: The Pink Flamingo-Everything Orlando Real Estate and Vacation Homes! Perhaps you know this situation all too well, you've been trying to acquire an investment in the Orlando area for quite some time now and you've placed offer after offer after offer but still nothing. You start to question your Realtor and/or perhaps even yourself. You're a cash buyer, who wouldn't want to take an offer from a cash buyer, right? Wrong. Let's take a look at some of the main reasons why your offer's are getting rejected on not just bank owned properties but other … (1 comments)

orlando: Five Things To Consider Before Buying a Kissimmee Condo - 05/14/10 07:02 AM
Condo investments are the most popular investment choice right now in the Disney and Orlando areas. Many people are flocking to them due to their very inexpensive price tag and convenience with upkeep and maintenance. There are factors you need to consider before you just jump into bed with a condo community here in Orlando. The last thing you want to do is wake up with regrets when you get slammed with a huge special assessment shortly after the closing and you find out your condo association is broke!
1. Know … (1 comments)

orlando: Orlando Vacation Home Real Estate Investment Tip of the Day- Property Management - 05/07/10 02:47 AM
When buying a vacation rental home in Orlando it's important to hire the right property manager. The Flamingo Group can help guide you in the right direction and help you avoid the common management pitfalls Lets talk about that today and answer that question for you. Discuss all your Orlando vacation real estate questions with The Flamingo Group Call: 1-866-422-6191 Visit: www.ThePinkFlamingo.info for all your Orlando vacation real estate needs.

orlando: Orlando Vacation Home Investment Tip of the Day- Community Amenities - 05/07/10 02:12 AM
What type of amenities can you expect in an Orlando Resort Community? Lets talk about that today and answer that question for you.
Discuss all your vacation rental questions with The Flamingo Group
Call: 1-866-422-6191
Visit: www.ThePinkFlamingo.info for all your Orlando vacation rental home needs.

orlando: Four Free Ways To View Local Orlando Real Estate From Afar - 12/18/09 05:11 AM
Regal Palms Clubhouse in Bing Birds Eye View
Trying to find the perfect vacation rental investment from thousands of miles away can often become a very frustrating task. Homes might look great in the pictures online but what does the surrounding area look like?  If you’re not utilizing at least one of these five free mapping tools listed here than you you may be in for a huge surprise when you arrive here in Orlando for your property inspection trip.
1. Bing Birds Eye View: Birds Eye View from Bing is one of my favorite free mapping tools on the market. It’s … (0 comments)

orlando: How To Estimate Rental Potential For a Florida Vacation Rental Investment Using VRBO - 12/16/09 03:42 AM
As if I haven't pounded this into the heads of my readers enough already here I go with a video tutorial to make this even more clear. You must research a vacation rental investment before you purchase it, two of the most important things you want to know up front are
1. What is the rental potential of this property?2. What type of rates can I generate? In my up and coming ebook I go into this subject in EXTENSIVE detail with spreadsheets and videos but for the sake of keeping this simple, short and sweet I've created this quick little … (3 comments)

orlando: If You Don't Research Your Florida Vacation Home Neighborhood Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later - 11/09/09 09:56 AM
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There is so much that goes into buying the perfect Florida vacation rental home. Many people think that it's as simple as just jumping online and browsing for Florida homes.  Though that's not a horrible place to start it absolutely shouldn't be the first place.  Florida vacation rental homes are a very specialized niche and understanding that fact will help guide you down the right path that will save you the most time and money.  One of the major factors that play a huge role in choosing the right vacation rental home in Florida would be … (0 comments)

orlando: The Chuck Norris Guide To Closing On Your Orlando Vacation Home in 30 Days Or Less - 10/23/09 04:39 AM
Read All 10 Steps at The Pink Flamingo-Everything Orlando Vacation Homes What do Chuck Norris and Orlando vacation homes have in common? Everything of course.  For example, If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars than Chuck Norris has more money than you and will most likely outbid you on a property. The first lesson to learn here is that Chuck Norris gets things done and he gets them done fast. No title company, mortgage company or lazy Realtor can stand up to his roundhouse kick in the face so that being said lets get right into this … (2 comments)

orlando: 15 Quick Fix Tips For Getting More Bookings on Your Orlando Vacation Home - 10/21/09 10:28 AM
Original Content From www.ThePinkFlamingo.info
We all like quick fixes right? Well here are 15 quick and easy changes you can make to your Orlando vacation rental and booking routine to increase your exposure and revenue this winter.
1. Update Your photos!There is nothing worse than outdated, bad angled pictures lurking around on your property website.  People will be booking your home solely based on the photos they see online.  You only get one chance at this so make it count.  The Flamingo thing to do would be to dip into your wallet a little and hire a professional Orlando real estate … (0 comments)

orlando: 6 Common Sense Reasons Why You Should Never List Your Orlando Vacation Home For Sale With a Property Management Company - 07/29/09 01:12 AM
Read The Full Article At: www.ThePinkFlamingo.info
The purpose of this post is not to knock management companies as their are a few good apples out there however, it's been my experience that property management companies should stick to what they do best and that's managing vacation property. Here are some of the issues I've ran into with homes that are listed by property Orlando vacation home management companies that also have a real estate side.
1. Scheduling Conflicts: I've never had more issues trying to get into houses than I have with ones that are listed with Orlando area management companies.  … (0 comments)

orlando: The Bimini Bay Resort in Davenport Was Set To Flames! - 07/19/09 05:31 AM
Read The Full Story at: www.ThePinkFlamingo.info
The Bimini Bay 11,000 Sq Ft Clubhouse was set to flames last month.  The Bimini Bay resort was not known for it's amenities, or lack thereof, and now the one good thing it had going for it has been burnt to smithereens.  The police suspect arson as the main cause of this fire and thankfully there were no injuries reported.  According to the Fire Marshall, the damages are totaling around $1,000,000.  I wouldn't hold your breathe on this being renovated anytime soon.
Bimini Bay Foreclosures For Sale
While we're on the topic of crime in … (0 comments)

orlando: Bimini Bay Townhouses in Davenport: Good Prices-NO Amenities! - 06/10/09 04:01 PM
Read The Full Article HereSo many buyers are instantly drawn to the prices in the Bimini Bay townhouse community which is located in Davenport, FL.  They see the beautiful townhouses online and most wonder why they are so cheap! You know how the saying goes: If it seems too good to be true it probably is and this couldn't hold more true for Bimini Bay in Davenport.
The Bimini Bay community was supposed to be a resort community that would stack up with the likes of resort neighborhoods like Regal Palms and Bahama Bay.  It was supposed to have a water … (3 comments)

orlando: What is Short Term Rental Investment Property Near Disney? - 02/22/09 01:44 PM
Originally Posted at: www.thepinkflamingo.info
I often get asked the same questions by vacation home buyers and one of the most common of them is "What is Short Term Rental Investment Property near Disney?"  I'm going to explain this concept to you as simply as possible.
Short Term Rental Investment Property is the term for a unique concept that only works in specific locations when all the right conditions exist. One of the critical factors that is necessary for this program to work is zoning regulations. Residential real estate property rentals in most areas require a Long Term Lease ( 7  months … (0 comments)

orlando: Black Lake Park in Winter Garden, Florida Has Big Plans for Neighborhood Stop Sign Abusers - 02/18/09 08:15 AM
I just got word today that the Black Lake Park homeowners association has worked out a deal with the Winter Garden police department to set up stop sign traps in the community beginning asap.
Last week there was an unfortunate event that sparked the HOA to hold a meeting a put this plan into accident.  Two cars collided near the front entrance of Black Lake Park. The accident took place inside the community, both passengers remained uninjured however the cars weren’t so fortunate.
There is a stop sign when you first come into the community straight ahead right before the park … (0 comments)

orlando: Foreign National Buyer Real Estate Scam and How To Spot It - 02/14/09 02:57 AM
Photo Courtesy of DJ Badly from Flickr.com
Did you know that before you even step foot onto American soil one or many estate agents may have already had their hands in your pockets? It’s called a builder’s registration and it works like this:
When a potential home buyer, we’ll call them Buyer A, is interested in a new construction community Buyer A generally contacts the person, we’ll call them Broker B, that was advertising the information.   Broker B then gets your information and knows which community you are interested in.   Broker B calls the builder and fills out … (0 comments)

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