Early Spring in Montana can mean a lot of different things when it comes to weather in MT. Sun, Snow, Rain, usually all within the same hour:). So if you find your self expercining this out at the lake, come into town on Saturday morning for the start of our Farmers Market Season. One of Gage & K...
This weekend was amazing! We totally lucked out with the weather. It had to be close to 75 degrees in the sun both Saturday & Sunday. We had our family easter egg hunt on one of the beaches on the West Shore, right now you can walk the entire lenght of the West Shore of Canyon Ferry because the w...
We have a great new blog site, where we(Deb Whitcomb) and myself will be keeping a close eye on Lake Properties in Helena, MT. Especially Canyon Ferry! Check back regularly or feel free to contact me anytime with questions on Canyon Ferry!