hard money: Spec Construction Loans in Los Angeles and throughout California - 01/29/14 09:01 AM
Spec Construction Loans in Los Angeles and throughout California
Construction Loans for speculation or “spec” are available to contractors, builders and developers who are seeking financing to build a home and plan on selling it immediately after completion. A spec construction project is typically built without a buyer in place. The borrower is speculating the future value and the end sale to turn a profit.
In today's economy, many seasoned spec builders can no longer receive financing from bank institutions with which they have formed successful relationships.  This is usually due to the fact that the lender is either out of … (1 comments)

hard money: Los Angeles, Hard Money Loans - 07/05/11 01:20 PM
Recent California hard money loans closed in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles continues to be a proven area for investors to purchase properties. Some properties just need a little TLC and the sellers don't have the time or expertise to do this. After our clients purchase the properties they due the necessary repairs and then sell to make a decent profit. We like to call this loan product "Fix & Flip".  See more information.
Actively closing hard money loans in Los Angeles, California.
Short term financing for investors looking to "Fix & Flip" properties.
For more information about Vanguard Hard Money California hard money … (2 comments)

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