va: VA Home Loans (Part II) What are the Benefits to the Service Member? - 10/14/06 06:25 AM
The use of your VA entitlements provides you many benefits.  Do you know what a summary of those benefits are? 
Q: What is a VA Guaranteed Home Loan? A: VA guaranteed loans are made by private lenders, such as banks, savings & loans, or mortgage companies to eligible veterans for the purchase of a home which must be for their own personal occupancy. The guaranty means the lender is protected against loss if you or a later owner fail to repay the loan. The guaranty replaces the protection the lender normally receives by requiring a down payment allowing you … (0 comments)

va: VA Home Loans (Part I) - 10/14/06 06:14 AM

 Consumers and Realtors alike should be aware of how VA home loans work.  As a former service member, I didn’t realize what a vital benefit I was receiving until I actually used my VA entitlement.  I once believed when I was a young 18 year old in the service the following myths: 
You could not use your entitlement while you were still in the serviceYou could only use the benefit once It was not good to use VA loan, conventional was better (Wrong Again) The below questions and answers will help those looking for additional information on VA loans.