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Hello fellow 'Rainer's! I was recently asked to write an article for our quarterly publication, The Appraisal Press.  As you may or may not know, a la mode started as a desktop software publisher for real estate appraisers 23 years ago.  To this day, over 60% of the appraisers in the United State...
If you've been in real estate for the last three years, undoubtedly at some point you've found yourself in a room where the speaker, panel group or ‘expert' was talking about the social networking ‘revolution' and how it's going to set the real estate world on fire.  As a speaker and as an agent ...
If you're like me, it's sometimes hard to commit hours and hours of writing "why" you should live in my area when choosing a home.  Sure, I could frame in a local page of great information but what makes the internet great is the ability for a user to have endless searches, endless possibilities ...
I was talking with a broker this morning about an idea that he had.  He was talking about marketing to FSBO's -- shocker, right?  Actually his idea had some merit.  He was talking about marketing to FSBO's not to get the listing but instead give them the ability to list their home on his website....
Has the Internet made an negative impact on how we list and sell homes?  Do we just give up too much with the Internet for buyers and sellers?  Is it too easy for buyers and sellers to scan the Internet and find what they want without ever calling an agent?  With all of these articles and blogs a...
"Your e-mail is important to me.  Typically I read and respond to e-mail between the hours of 11:00am - 12:00pm and then again between 5:00pm - 6:00pm" Is their e-mail important, really?  What part of, "I'll get back to you when it's convenient for me", says, "You're important"?  I see these "aut...
If listings are the lifeblood of an agent, why do some agents treat them with such distain? You've seen them while cruising through the MLS, looking for that perfect house for your new buyers. You add all of the criteria that they're looking for, the price range and click "OK". After a little spi...
One of the things that is largely overlooked in an agent's website is their tracking ability.  Not just their number of visitors but where those visitors come from and what terms they used to find you. I want to show you how to do a little work on your site and get results organically. For me, th...
Oh it drives my wife absolutely crazy.  There we are driving along the open roads of the beautiful metro of Oklahoma City and then she'll hear it... "DING DING"  At that point she knows this ride has gone from an enjoyable ride with a safe and cautious driver into, "Crazy Drive while texting driv...
  How many countless Sundays have you spent sitting in your open house and either reading or using that time to "catch up" while individuals stroll through your listing? I know that we always jump up when we hear the crack of the door to make sure that we provide a friendly face to greet visitors...

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