wholesaling real estate: 10 R's of Life: Roles, Are You "Playing Your Part"? - 05/13/08 08:19 AM
The second of the 10 R's of life is roles. Not all people are familiar with their roles that they play in life. In fact many people don't even know that they fall into certain roles with certain people or certain situations.Roles are the essentially the way your character plays out in a particular area of of your life or with a particular group of people. For instance you may be a very powerful person at work because that is your role but when you get together with your family you become a bumbling idiot. Most people are completely unconscious of … (2 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Bringing Your Mind and Body To the Same Place....The Moment - 04/17/08 12:30 AM
When you are not living your life in the present moment you are living in either fear or regret. Fear of what might come in the future, regret about what happened in the past or a bit of both. Something that you might find very interesting, yet frustrating as well, is the way we use our present moments. In many cases you use your present moments fearing something in the future, but when you arrive in that future you were fearing, you live in regret of not being present in the past moment that you spent fearing the moment that you … (2 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Real Estate Wholeslaing: Bad Areas Could Be good Areas for you Wallet - 04/09/08 12:36 AM
Even in the slowest of markets you can still make money in real estate wholesaling. Even in "Bad locations" you can still make money wholesaling real estate. Here are a few of the deals that I have done in Bad locations:A few of My "Bad Location Homes" have been like this:paid 26k, repairs 5k, rented $675, sold for $62kpaid 38k, repairs 5k, rented $1000 (2 unit) sold for $62kpaid 33k, repairs 5k, rented $675, sold for $62kpaid 30k, repairs 12k, rented $675, sold for $62kpaid 30k, repairs 10k, rented $675k, sold it for $62kTotal paid $157, Repairs $37k, Sold $319k Gross … (0 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Real Estate Investing: Taking Action To Ensure Success - 03/26/08 02:42 AM
You have read everything thing available about real estate investing. You have spend countless hours visiting the real estate investing forums. You have invested thousands in real estate investing courses. Now what? Are you doomed to the same destiny of most information junkies? Are you going to become the divorced marriage counselor? The counselor who knows all about how to save marriages but could not save their own.So what will determine your success? Honestly it is pretty simple, so simple that it can be summed up in one word action. Taking action is what separates the men from the boys on … (0 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Real Estate Investing Courses: Are Real Estate Investing Courses A Big Rip Off? - 03/14/08 11:54 PM
As the author of several real estate investing courses, it never ceases to amaze me that so many people find my real estate systems extremely helpful in their quest for real estate investing success, while about 1 out of about 80 are throughly convinced that I was trying to rip them off. As if I was just sitting at home waiting for some sucker to come along so that I could get $85.00.At $85.00 my courses are about a 10th of the price of most real estate courses. I have bought the expensive courses as well, and frankly all of us … (0 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Real Estate Investing: Wholesaling Real Estate Profit Factors - 03/07/08 11:07 AM
I am often asked by other real estate investors how much profit can be made in a wholesaling real estate transaction. There are many aspects to determining how much profit can be made on each deal. In one way or another your profit will be determined by one of the 3 items listed below.
The price of the home- Typically higher priced homes will have more room for profit then lower priced homes. Example: if you can find a home for 50% FMV (Fair market value) and sell the home for 70% FMV then you would have a 20% spread. 20% of … (0 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Real Estate Investing Guide: Pulling The Trigger For Real Estate Success - 02/24/08 07:15 AM
For more information on real estate wholesaling and wholesaling real estate check out my real estate investing blog at www.themillionairesblog.com
Joe was positive that he would be shooting a deer this year. After all, Joe had been learning about hunting his whole life. His dad had taught him how to track deer, his uncle taught him how to build the best deer blinds known to man. This year Joe was finally going to do it, he would get his big buck, if it was the last thing he ever did. He had just purchased the super guru rifle 2000 and from what … (0 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Wholesaling Real Estate Finding Buyers Part 2 - 01/28/08 01:29 PM
Wholesaling Real Estate - Finding Buyers Part 2 Wholesaling Real Estate - Finding Buyers Part 2By Eric Medemar
One of the first steps in wholesaling real estate is locating buyers. In part 2 of this 3 part series I will be adding 4 more strategies that I have personally used to sell millions in real estate.
6. Local REI meetings If you have a local investor club join it, if there is not a investor club in place consider starting one. It kind of speaks for itself that this is where many great buyers will be. Just be sure you know … (2 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Wholesaling Properties: Don't Miss These Critical Steps To Wholesaling Success (Part 1) - 12/01/07 01:58 AM
There are numerous reasons why investors never realize any success in real estate wholesaling. In this article I am going to focus on one step of the wholesaling process that so many investors get wrong. The sad part is that many of the guru wholesaling courses actually teach newbie investors the wrong way.
From my experience the most critical factor in the entire real estate wholesaling equation is having a solid buyers list in place. Many newbie investors make the mistake of focusing their energies on locating great deals on houses prior to having any investors to buy those houses. The best … (1 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Termite Inspections For Our Minds - 11/18/07 10:42 AM
As Realtors many of us are all too familiar with termites. I have lost a couple of sales because a home was infested with termites. Why are termites so dangerous? After all they are just a small bug, what harm could one little bug do? As I am sure you know, it's not one termite that destroys a house, it's a colony, but a colony is started with just a couple of bugs. If a couple of termites are allowed to penetrate the foundation of a home, a colony will soon arise.
Bad thoughts are a lot like termites. One bad thought … (2 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Wholesaling Real Estate: Refining Business For Success! - 10/11/07 12:04 AM
Eric Medemar is a Realtor/Real Estate Investor out of Grand Rapids, MI. Eric currently owns 35+ rental properties, and is the creator of the ultimate Wholesaling Real Estate system the programs that enables you to duplicate his exact real estate system. You can view Eric's Blog at Free Guide To Wholesaling Real Estate guide also, be sure to check out Erics Ultimate Real Estate Bird Dog System
Wholesaling real estate is one of the best ways that I have found to make loads of cash in real estate investing without needing cash, credit, or handling risk. Successful real estate wholesalers know … (0 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Real Estate Wholesaling-Becoming a Real Estate Middleman - 10/06/07 12:55 AM
Wholesaling Real Estate - Becoming A Real Estate Middleman Wholesaling Real Estate - Becoming A Real Estate MiddlemanBy Eric Medemar
How would you like to become a real estate middleman. You know, the middleman who takes all the profit without having to take on any of the risk. Real estate wholesaling will allow you to become a real estate middleman.
So what is a real estate middleman? A real estate middleman is the person who buyers come to for great deals, and sellers come to for quick sales. As a real estate wholesaler that is essentially how you make your money. … (0 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Become a Top Real Estate Bird Dog in 21 Steps - 09/13/07 01:19 PM
Real Estate bird dogging, like any other business requires a good business plan. Every day I get emails from students across the nation wanting some insight on how to get started as a real estate bird dog. He are the 7 of the 21 steps.  Once you have mastered real estate bird dogging then its time to move onto real estate wholesaling, the main difference between real estate wholesaling and Bird Dogging real estate is that as a wholesaler you control the property rather than the lead
1. Learn you market- Identify the areas of your market with high turnover, also look for … (1 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Wholesaling Real Estate: I love this Real Estate Investing Market - 09/09/07 06:13 AM
It is unbelievable to me that when our market was going decent, I could not find enough rental properties to come close to keeping up with buyer demand.  These buyers were buying for long term holding, and 2nd cash flow.  Now their are no buyers and spectacular deals.  My question is Why buy when the markets High?  I ask alot of my old customers why they are not buying?  There usually reply is "We are waiting till the market straightens out" 
That makes alot of sense when you look at it.  Wait until prices go way up, along with interest rates, then … (0 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Verrrry Eerie Real Estate Happening - 07/26/07 04:55 AM
This just happened to me today.  I promise its a good story.
I offer a real estate course online at www.TheForeclosureCollege.com and investors from accross U.S pay me to use my website and 1-877-YOU-UGLY phone number.  One person per county gets to use the system.  So last night I had a girl who had bought the system e-mail me and say that she needed all of the zip codes, but she is from my town, so it would be a conflict of interest. I never really pay attention to where anyone is from.  Anyway I emailed her and told her to call me … (8 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Very funny Closing Gift for investors - 07/17/07 05:53 PM
Check out this page I found with custom landlord T-Shirts, and Novelties Landlord T-Shirts, these shirts cracked me up.
Eric Medemar Specializes in Wholesaling Real Estate

wholesaling real estate: What would your realtor report card say? - 07/05/07 02:42 AM
I think we can all remember the dreaded feeling of report card days from our childhood. The level of stress you felt typically depended on how well you thought you had done in your classes. Looking back on those moments I realize that the report card was a great way to report our progress toward the specific goal of gaining education. Our grades were many times never a reflection of our interest in a subject, but instead a reflection of the fear that our parents put into us if we did bad. After the last year of our formal education we … (6 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Real Estate Wholesaling: 6 Easy Steps to Wholesaling Real Estate - 06/23/07 07:45 AM
Far to many people make wholesaling real estate much more complicated than it needs to be. Real estate wholesaling can be laid out in 6 very easy steps:
1. Find Buyers-Locating buyers needs to be the first step to get going in the wholesaling process. Without buyers even the best wholesale deals will not make a penny. Too many investors make the mistake of looking for homes before they look for buyers, do not make this mistake.
2. Find Motivated Sellers-The more motivated that the seller is, the more money you will be able to make. Try to find sellers willing to sell at … (9 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Real Estate wholesaling and Using Detachment to succeed - 06/21/07 12:22 AM
Real estate wholesaling is one of the most powerful wealth builders that does not require cash or credit. Far too many people complicate the wholesaling real estate process with their "what if" worries. What if I cannot find a buyer? What if the market changes? These are just a couple of the "what ifs" that first time and even seasoned real estate wholesalers spend far too much time on.Detachment is the process of pulling your emotions away from the outcome of any scenario. The process of detachment will help you pull your emotions out of the real estate transaction. Detachment leaves … (2 comments)

wholesaling real estate: Wholesaling Real Estate For A Fathers Day Gift - 06/14/07 11:54 AM
Wholesaling Real Estate is by far the greatest way to build wealth without capital or credit. This week I am putting together a real estate wholesale deal for my dad as a favor and he doesnt even need to participate.2 weeks ago I found him a great deal on a Grand Rapids Foreclosure. We ended up getting it for about $43,000. We will be closing on it in about 2 more weeks. Today I got a call from a buyer who was looking at one of my deals that I am wholesaling, except she didnt like it. So I ran her by … (0 comments)

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