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Ideas for Buying Grand Rapids Foreclosures, Grand Rapids HUD Homes, and Grand Rapids Rental Property. Eric Medemar specializes in Grand Rapids Real estate investing including Flipping Grand rapids HUD homes, flipping Grand Rapids Foreclosures, and Buying Grand Rapids Rental property
Looking back at the high school and college summer jobs that I worked, I am amazed at the amount of time and energy that it took me to make $4,000-$5,000 in a summer. I would slave away at the construction site the entire summer for $6-$10/hr. I should have been a real estate bird dogI was workin...
I just read about The Secret a couple days ago, and watched it. Then I saw it on Oprah yesterday, it must be catching on. I was very intrigued by the movie and it made me realize that  I was actually using the secret concepts in my real estate career. If you havent watched the secrets I would str...
I was speaking with an aquaintance today about what he should look at when choosing a realtor and I couldnt help but share with him my thoughts on hiring a realtor that makes a decent livable income.  I explained to him that if he were to choose a realtor who was not making enough money to live o...
At first glance it seems that people dont become real estate flippers becasue of the risk involved. Is real estate investing really risky though? To me, the measure of risk is how many factors are there that cannot be controlled. People might say that bungee jumping is risky, it may be risky if y...
  So I forgot my flashlight the day I wrote the offer and normally I dont look at any Grand Rapids Foreclosures that I buy for more than 5 minutes (No i'm not kidding) for fear of what I might find. I usually just figure there will be something wrong with everything. So I ordered the termite insp...
Eric Medemar specializes in Grand Rapids Foreclosures, Grand Rapids HUD homes, and Grand rapids Rental Property. He owns 32 Grand Rapids Rentals and has already made over $100,000 flipping real estate in 2007. Eric is developing an awesome real estate Bird dog program, along with some fantastic i...
About the author: Eric Medemar specializes in Grand Rapids Foreclosures, Grand Rapids Real Estate Investing and Grand Rapids HUD homes.  Eric currently owns 32 properties, and has already surpassed the six figure mark wholesaling and flipping properties in 2007. Currently Eric is workign on the B...
  Every week I get emails from people wanting to know:Where I find Foreclosures?What work goes into Foreclosures?How much you can make with a Foreclosure?Is it possible to make money with foreclosures?I decided I would start posting some of the homes that I am currently rehabbing to give people a...
Have you ever been eaten a bag of skittles and wondered "why dont they just make a bag of strawberry, or at least eliminate yellow"? I guess I have too much time on my hands. Anyway the more I thought about eliminating the colors I didnt like, I realized that if it werent for the yellows I might ...
Put a price on their heads.I know it sounds a little harsh but I have found that when people call and I take down their name, phone number and email address, that it also helps to put a price on how much money I could make from them. You can do this by taking the price of the home or homes that t...

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