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Ideas for Buying Grand Rapids Foreclosures, Grand Rapids HUD Homes, and Grand Rapids Rental Property. Eric Medemar specializes in Grand Rapids Real estate investing including Flipping Grand rapids HUD homes, flipping Grand Rapids Foreclosures, and Buying Grand Rapids Rental property
I am often left perplexed at peoples ability to pass the blame of real estate investing courses not working for their failure as an investor. In reality, most of these people never used any of the ideas to see if they worked or not. To them I dedicate this story.Mother came home from work to find...
Even in the slowest of markets you can still make money in real estate wholesaling. Even in "Bad locations" you can still make money wholesaling real estate. Here are a few of the deals that I have done in Bad locations:A few of My "Bad Location Homes" have been like this:paid 26k, repairs 5k, re...
If you pay close attention to the way we treat learning in our society, you will quickly realize that after our formal education is complete, many of us consider our learning to be “done”. Having said that I have a recommendation to all high school seniors and college graduates across the U.S, K...
One of the biggest traps that I see newbie real estate investors fall into is mistaking investing in real estate materials for actually investing in real estate. I know that all newbies know the difference, but many times their mind does not. How many wannabe real estate investors do you know who...
Do you feel sad, guilty, hurt, fearful, happy or any other number of emotions? Now let me ask you, does the “you” that notices those emotions feel that way? I am guessing that you may be scratching your head now. “What do you mean the me that notices, aren't I me?”, you might be asking. Of cours...
I have had countless people ask me why on earth I would waste my time making real estate investing courses if I was doing so well as a real estate investor. Believe me it has nothing to do with the money. I could make 10 times more money by just sticking to what I am good at, which is real estat...
You have read everything thing available about real estate investing. You have spend countless hours visiting the real estate investing forums. You have invested thousands in real estate investing courses. Now what? Are you doomed to the same destiny of most information junkies? Are you going to ...
Every year Americans spend millions of dollars on real estate investing courses. Sadly, most people who purchase these courses never end up using any of the valuable knowledge that these courses contain. Instead of using real estate investing courses as a means to an end, with the end being becom...
Real estate investing forums can be a great way to gain knowledge for getting a start as a real estate investor. In fact I would recommend visiting and gathering information from as many real estate investing forums as you can on your quest toward becoming a real estate investor.I would like to o...
From this point forward why not work on teaching your inner publicist to spin things in a good way. It won't be easy at first, but in time you will begin spinning the happenings of your everyday life just as a Hollywood publicist would try to spin Paris Hilton going to jail. To begin changing the...

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