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Ideas for Buying Grand Rapids Foreclosures, Grand Rapids HUD Homes, and Grand Rapids Rental Property. Eric Medemar specializes in Grand Rapids Real estate investing including Flipping Grand rapids HUD homes, flipping Grand Rapids Foreclosures, and Buying Grand Rapids Rental property
Wholesaling Real Estate - Becoming A Real Estate Middleman Wholesaling Real Estate - Becoming A Real Estate MiddlemanBy Eric Medemar How would you like to become a real estate middleman. You know, the middleman who takes all the profit without having to take on any of the risk. Real estate wholes...
Getting Past Dumb Decisions Using My 5X5 Method Getting Past Dumb Decisions Using My 5X5 MethodBy Eric Medemar In order to change your life, you must first change the decisions that you make a daily basis. Poor decision making can account for up to 99% of your current position in life. In order ...
 About the author:Eric Medemar is a Investor/Wholesaler from Grand Rapids, MI. Eric is the author of The Ultimate Real Estate Bird Dog System, a great way to start earning while learning real estate investing. Eric has several other real estate courses available on line including Real estate whol...
Real Estate bird dogging, like any other business requires a good business plan. Every day I get emails from students across the nation wanting some insight on how to get started as a real estate bird dog. He are the 7 of the 21 steps.  Once you have mastered real estate bird dogging then its tim...
It is unbelievable to me that when our market was going decent, I could not find enough rental properties to come close to keeping up with buyer demand.  These buyers were buying for long term holding, and 2nd cash flow.  Now their are no buyers and spectacular deals.  My question is Why buy when...
I can remember when I was hustling for houses.  I would find spectacular deals for my buyers on homes but in the end I would end up losing the deal because my buyers could not get out quick enough to see the home.  Wholesaling real estate eliminates those losses and puts more money in your pocket...
I read this poem and thought it was good, im not much for poetry but whatever it gave me a good wake up call.Why?   We come to this earth with our notepads so clear...And so we are born knowing no fear. The worlds a stage, for us to perform...Our life stories so great, so far from the norm. We se...
I have heard of people that actually go through life looking for reasons to be offended.  I am sure you all know someone like that.  They are the people that miss the fun at the party, because the frosting on the cake is the wrong color. When blogging it  makes me laugh to think that my typed wor...
Happiness is such a vastly strange thing. We all want it more than anything, we think know what it is, but many of us are not as happy as what we would like to be. Take a moment and answer the question: "What are the things that make me happy?" try to take about two minutes to answer the question...
 This just happened to me today.  I promise its a good story.I offer a real estate course online at and investors from accross U.S pay me to use my website and 1-877-YOU-UGLY phone number.  One person per county gets to use the system.  So last night I had a girl who...

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