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Ideas for Buying Grand Rapids Foreclosures, Grand Rapids HUD Homes, and Grand Rapids Rental Property. Eric Medemar specializes in Grand Rapids Real estate investing including Flipping Grand rapids HUD homes, flipping Grand Rapids Foreclosures, and Buying Grand Rapids Rental property
Before you read the story we are looking for more stories like this one to put our blog at , I can remember when I first started in real estate. The whole world was my market place, but nobody was coming into my shop. I saw all of these agents doing bus...
From my experience we all have a very good chance at being successful, except we get in our own way ALOT. Most of us live in America, America is the only country on the planet that is followed by the word dream, there is no French dream, chinese dream, just the good old American Dream yet somehow...
Check out this page I found with custom landlord T-Shirts, and Novelties Landlord T-Shirts, these shirts cracked me up.Eric Medemar Specializes in Wholesaling Real Estate
When I used to do open houses or would approach potential clients to offer them something, instead of saying would you mind if I sent you a list of homes, or would you like to see some of my other properities?  I would replace anything that could be answered with an easy yes or no, with a "Would ...
It seems like everywhere I go I am hereing more and more about autism.  1 in every 160 children will be diagnosed with autism very scary
I think we can all remember the dreaded feeling of report card days from our childhood. The level of stress you felt typically depended on how well you thought you had done in your classes. Looking back on those moments I realize that the report card was a great way to report our progress toward ...
If you would like to succeed in real estate spend an afternoon with a 5 year old.  Pay close attention to the way that they do things. If they want a sucker, they ask, if they want to smile at someone they smile.  They don't take what others do as something to be offended by, or something to be s...
Far to many people make wholesaling real estate much more complicated than it needs to be. Real estate wholesaling can be laid out in 6 very easy steps:1. Find Buyers-Locating buyers needs to be the first step to get going in the wholesaling process. Without buyers even the best wholesale deals w...
Real estate wholesaling is one of the most powerful wealth builders that does not require cash or credit. Far too many people complicate the wholesaling real estate process with their "what if" worries. What if I cannot find a buyer? What if the market changes? These are just a couple of the "wha...
Wholesaling Real Estate is by far the greatest way to build wealth without capital or credit. This week I am putting together a real estate wholesale deal for my dad as a favor and he doesnt even need to participate.2 weeks ago I found him a great deal on a Grand Rapids Foreclosure. We ended up g...

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