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Ideas for Buying Grand Rapids Foreclosures, Grand Rapids HUD Homes, and Grand Rapids Rental Property. Eric Medemar specializes in Grand Rapids Real estate investing including Flipping Grand rapids HUD homes, flipping Grand Rapids Foreclosures, and Buying Grand Rapids Rental property
I get email virtually every day from people who want to know where to find buyers for their real Estate wholesale deals. I see countless posts on here of people asking where to find buyers. So I figured I would put together most of the ideas that I have used or have seen used for finding buyers i...
It seems like everyday I talk to someone who is wanting to start real estate wholesaling. Wholesaling real estate is fairly easy once you lay out a good plan and implement it. One of the main problems that I see people having is not having good written goals in place. The process of writing goals...
Eric Medemar is a real estate investor who specializes in Grand Rapids Forclosures, Grand Rapids HUD homes, and Real Estate Wholesaling. For discount carpet check out year I bought a home that somebody died in. I found at after closing when I was talking ...
Eric Medemar is a grand rapid realtor who specializes in Grand Rapid Foreclosures, Grand Rapids HUD homes, and is also the creator of along with                                                   **************************This is a true story th...
I thought I might share some lessons and observations that I have made while being a landlord (30+ units in the "interesting" part of town), I would love to here some other lessons so that I may not need to discover them on my own. These are true and real lessons that I had to learn or have obser...
As a realtor who loves wholesaling real estate, I cannot stress the importance enough to have full disclosure to all parties both buyers and sellers, you also need to be sure to get the disclosure in writing as I am sure you all know.The beauty of real estate wholesaling is that it can be done fo...
I have been wholesaling real estate in Grand Rapid michigan for a couple of yoars now, I dont know why all realtors do not get into wholesaling real estate. Wholesaling property is a great way to make far more than an average commission without having to do half the work. Here is an example of a ...
About the Author: Eric Medemar is a Realtor/Real Estate Investor from Grand Rapids, MI.  He has been creating one of the Best Real Estate Bird Dog Program around available at just started reading this book around 5 am this morning and I f...
Flipping Fools Foreclosure OdysseyMy posting has been rather limited lately as I have been unbelievably busy doing real estate though I wish I had more time to write about it. Let me tell you in 2007 we are blowing the doors off of the "Slow" Grand Rapids Real estate market. Here is a samplings o...
About the author: Eric Medemar specializes in Grand rapids Rental property, Grand Rapids Foreclosures, and Grand Rapids HUD homes.  His current projects include a real estate birddog and wholesaling business  in a box, along with consulting with realtors and investors from Californaia to New Jers...

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