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Overrated and Underrated. June 24, 2012 Overrated - Skinny Jeans. I guess thin females can wear them, but guys? Guys shouldn't wear skinny jeans. Ever.  Underrated - A good razor. A couple of weeks ago, I ran out of razor refills. We went to Big Lots for om cereals and I bought some discount razo...
Land Contracts. A Good Deal or a Potential Disaster? While buying a house on Land Contract sounds like a great idea, here are a few potential pitfalls to think about: There are a few things to consider before going after a land contract home. First, they usually require a 20% down payment or more...
I Can't Live Without My Mobile Device(s) The most important mobile device that I have has got to be my iPhone 4s. It’s amazing! I can check email, there are a ton of apps that I can use and I can hit all the regular social media stuff, making comments, uploading pictures, etc. The camera on it is...
Overrated and Underrated. June 17, 2012 Overrated - Tony Romo. Dallas Cowboy quarterback and ex-Jessica Simpson girlfriend. He's decent when he's playing garbage teams but when it comes to the big game, he's out getting his nail done. Underrated - Sloppy Joe's. Made with turkey, of course, since ...
Who Do You Know... Cheesy. One thing I don't do is cheesy. This opening is cheesy. Of course everyone has their own opinion, and it might work awesome for you, but I have no interest in this. "Who do you know... who needs to buy or sell in the next 30 days?" "Who do you know... that could use my ...
Overrated and Underrated. June 11, 2012 Overrated - Changing your own oil. First off, I don't trust the $14.99 oil change guys. Every time I go to them, they tell me that somethings wrong. Every. Time. Doing it yourself might give you a good feeling, but I'd rather have that good feeling out on a...
What is a “Michigan” basement? A “Michigan” Basement is a partially dug-out space, typically bigger than a crawl space, but less than an actual basement. One step up from a crawl space, a “Michigan” basement is basically just a dug-out area under the house. It’s shorter than a normal basement bec...
Metro Detroit Home Buying FAQ: How Long Does it Take to Buy a House? The easy answer is "it depends." We can work fast or take our time. Finding a house that you want to  purchase is probably the biggest determination of how long it would take to buy a house. If we find the house you want to buy ...
Metro Detroit Home Buying FAQ: What Are the Steps to Buy a House? Wow, that a pretty big question. I'll give you the "short" version. First, you meet with a Realtor®. That's me! Contact a Mortgage Professional. They'll ask a lot of questions and depending on the answers, they'll give you a pre-qu...
Here's a question I get a lot. "Where Can I Get a FREE Copy of my Credit Report?" If you do an online search, there are a lot of websites out there that say they'll give you a FREE credit report. Remember the commercials with the silly songs sung by a "band" in pirate outfits or whatever? Yeah, t...

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