real estate: Email Scam. 9-23-2014 - 09/23/14 09:48 AM
Email Scam. 9-23-2014
Well, I haven't been receiving as many of these as I used to. This one is fairly sentimental, though I wasn't promised a ba-zillion dollars!
Check it out:
"hello my dear,
My name is joy karume, I saw your profile today at during my browsing and I become interested to contact you, because, from my own little understanding i believe that love or friendship makes the world go around,I want to share life experience and culture with you,I do hope by the end of this letter you will bring smile to my face.i believe you will have a … (17 comments)

real estate: Email Scam. 7-14-2014 - 07/14/14 10:13 AM
Email Scam. 7-14-2014
Got another scam in my email the other day. They just keep coming! Check it out...
"Dear Customer,
We recently updated our Online system to include a new secure authentication layer . This is intended to provide you with the best security possible when accessing your account. In order to protect your NetBank online banking account We now need you to confirm your NetBank account information. If your account information is not confirmed within 48 hours we will be forced to suspend your account, as it can be used for fraudulent purposes.
This email is to protect your … (6 comments)

real estate: How NOT To Market Your Company Via Email - 01/29/14 07:49 AM
How NOT To Market Your Company Via Email
I received this email the other day. It's an advertisement for a painting company.
First, Igor put his name as the recipient. Next, he misspelled "Happy" and didn't use the sentence correctly. Finally, he's in California. I'm in Michigan.
Good luck, Igor!

real estate: If You MUST Stay, At Least Stay Out Of The Way! - 01/19/14 06:01 AM
If You MUST Stay, At Least Stay Out Of The Way!
There are some home sellers that just don't understand that staying in the house while a buyers agent shows potential buyers around it.
Then, there are home sellers that follow the buyers around, trying to "sell" their house to them.
Let the buyers agent do what they're there to do. Stay out of the way, or better yet LEAVE!
Trust me, It'll be better that way.

real estate: Did You Miss Me? - 11/01/13 03:25 AM
Did You Miss Me?
Hi, Everyone!
It's been a while since I've "blogged." But I'm back!
I'm gonna try to do one every day for the entire month of November. It might be a little difficult toward the end of the month, but I'll see what I can do.
Let me know if there's anything specific that you'd like me to write about. That could be fun!
Talk to you soon,

real estate: Think Long and Hard About Co-Signing for a Step Child's Student Loan - 08/21/13 09:31 AM
Think Long and Hard About Co-Signing for a Step Child's Student Loan
A few of you know the situation I've been going through lately, and as time passes, I'm sure I'll write something start-to-finish about it.
But right now, I just want to send out a warning.
I was talked into co-signing for my then step son's student loan for his freshman year of college.
We all talked about it, his mother included. The agreement was he would take on summer jobs and have the loan payed off BEFORE he was finished with college. The interest rate would be … (16 comments)

real estate: ALL Real Estate Agents Are Part Of A TEAM! - 06/30/13 07:51 AM
ALL Real Estate Agents Are Part Of A TEAM!
There's been some talk recently about whether being a Big Real Estate Team is better or worse than being a sole real estate agent on a transaction.
Without bashing either angle, here's my view:
I work as a single agent, but believe it or not, I have a TEAM.
There's no way to get a real estate transaction done, from start to finish, alone. It's impossible!
We need help from a lot of people, including the agent on the other side.
Here's a few more people that are on my TEAM:

real estate: The Weekly Wrap Up - June 30, 2013 - 06/30/13 06:54 AM
The Weekly Wrap Up - June 30, 2013
I've been negotiating a listing of mine all week. It's never fun to wait for the other side to respond, when it takes 2 days (and counting).
After a heart to heart sit-down, I came to the conclusion that a buyer I was working with would be better off renting an apartment for a year, saving up a few more dollars, and starting the search over again then. He couldn't have been more Shocked that I suggested he do this and not try to push him toward buying so I could make … (0 comments)

real estate: My Greatest Failure? Is There Such A Thing? - 06/25/13 08:31 AM
My Greatest Failure? Is There Such A Thing?
I'm not sure that being a "failure" is necessarily a bad thing.
I got a D- once on a report card (stupid Geometry Theorems!), but I got through it.
I "failed" as a Rock Star.
There are even times when I look back over a situation with my kids and briefly think, "man, I'm failing as a parent."
Then I snap out of it.
I was never going to be a Mathematician.
I made a CD back in the day, but how many people actually make it BIG?
As for my kids, … (17 comments)

real estate: The Weekly Wrap Up - June 23, 2013 - 06/23/13 09:37 AM
The Weekly Wrap Up - June 23, 2013
I think I'm gonna start something new here.
The Weekly Wrap Up.
I'll give a cliff notes version of my week.
Weird things that happened, what I'm going through, new real estate ideas, cool pictures, etc.
For instance, this week I started going to a chiropractor. I've always thought that they were like lawyers, just trying to keep you coming back, but I'm not so sure any more.
I also broke my foot again this week. It's my right one, this time. Maybe I'll tell you the story in the future. I'm … (3 comments)

real estate: Outside Comments on AR. Right, Wrong or Indifferent? - 06/23/13 08:45 AM
Outside Comments on AR. Right, Wrong or Indifferent?
You take the time to write a pretty good blog and what? It get's featured? Outstanding!
It usually brings in a lot of comments, mostly from people that only comment on Featured blogs, right?
I've noticed recently that there are some Active Rain peeps that respond to comments on blogs that aren't theirs.
Is this good? Bad? Who cares?
If there's a comment on my blog, I don't think that someone from the outside should respond to them specifically. They should just go write a blog about it themselves.
I guess if … (14 comments)

real estate: Should We Charge A "Home Looking" Fee? - 06/20/13 08:58 AM
Should We Charge A "Home Looking" Fee?
I've been reading a lot about agents complaining that they're showing potential buyers a lot of properties, only to have them disappear and/or buy with another agent.
This reminded me of a few news stories about retailers charging potential customers a "looking" fee, that would be put toward an actual purchase.
The reason for this is because a growing number of businesses has noticed that "buyers" will come into their brick and mortar store and look around or try on clothes and shoes, only to leave and (presumably) purchase the same items online, … (79 comments)

real estate: Today's Email Scam. 6-10-2013 - 06/10/13 11:33 AM
Today's Email Scam. 6-10-2013
Got this one today. I don't know why it was sent to me, I don't do business with them.
Be careful with this message. Similar messages were used to steal people's personal information. Unless you trust the sender, don't click links or reply with personal information.  Learn more Dear Customers, We are undergoing our routine maintenance therefore all accounts must be updated, this is to reduce the number of dormant accounts. Accounts not updated by the end of this month will be suspended.
please log in your account by clicking on the link below: b

real estate: Overrated and Underrated. June 10, 2013 - 06/10/13 09:37 AM
Overrated and Underrated. June 10, 2013
Underrated - Letter Openers! Opening 1 or 2 letters without a sword or something sharp is no big deal, but I have like 40 letters to open and if I use my finger there's about a 100% chance I'm going to end up angry and with a paper cut. I need a letter opener!
Overrated - U2. I liked them back in the day. Sunday Bloody Sunday is an incredible song, but after the Joshua Tree, what have they done? To me, once they hit it big, it was just all corporate rock crap. … (7 comments)

real estate: My Job Is Almost Never Finished At The Closing Table! - 05/30/13 11:27 AM
My Job Is Almost Never Finished At The Closing Table!
I'm meeting one of my contractors at 9am Sunday morning at a house I sold a couple months back.
The new homeowners are having some work done to get it up to "code," so they can rent it out.
Of course, I said, "hey, I'll meet you over there and give you a hand."
Did I mention it's at 9am on Sunday?
What was I thinking?
Yeah, we do what we gotta do at times, right?

real estate: Today's Email Scam. 5-27-2013 - 05/27/13 06:38 AM
Today's Email Scam. 5-27-2013
Here's another good one. I always thought a "Barrister" was the person who made your coffee as Starbucks?
"Hello I Need Your Help.I want to know if you will like to help my client invest in your country and get rewarded financially without leaving or affecting your present job?I represent Mrs. Chung Hee- Ja, wife of Mr. Kim Woo Choong the founder and former chairman of the Daewoo Motors Group in South Korea here in after shall be referred to as my client and it is on her instruction that i am doing all that … (8 comments)

real estate: Overrated and Underrated. May 25, 2013 - 05/25/13 08:29 AM
Overrated and Underrated. May 25, 2013
Overrated - Memory. With all the technology that's flying around in our lives, we really don't need to remember things anymore. How many phone numbers do you actually remember? They're all programmed in your phone. Need to answer a question? Just ask Siri (yeah, I'm an iPhone guy. The rest of you can use Google). Sure, there are some memories that you want to keep in your brain to be called up anytime you want. Things like your first kiss, Grandma's pierogi's and a friends laugh. Hope you know what I mean.
Underrated - … (7 comments)

real estate: A Bonfire vs. The Red Wings - 05/25/13 07:50 AM
A Bonfire vs. The Red Wings
I have a dilemma.
It's Saturday evening on a holiday weekend, and I have a choice to make.
My kids want to have a Bonfire in the backyard tonight. You know, invite their friends over, have smores. That kind of stuff.
Sounds like fun, right?
Here's the problem.
My Detroit Red Wings are playing the Chicago Blackhawks tonight at 8.
Playoff hockey vs. kids having fun.
Wings are up 3-1 in this series (that everyone said they'd get blown out, by the way), so they could close out this round tonight.
Wait … (5 comments)

real estate: Memorial Day Weekend 2013 - 05/24/13 09:18 AM
Memorial Day Weekend 2013
Please take a minute to remember the true reason for Memorial Day this weekend. Without those that gave their lives for our freedom, we wouldn't be able to live the lives we have.
Also, be safe out there. A lot of people are traveling all over the country because it's a long weekend (also, the unofficial summer Kick-Off) and there's gonna be a lot of BBQ's, parties and drinking. Be Careful!
Have a great weekend!

real estate: Plan Your Home Inspection For A Rainy Day! - 05/20/13 08:27 AM
Plan Your Home Inspection For A Rainy Day!
While it's a rare thing to be able to schedule your home inspection around the weather report, if you have a choice between a sunny day and a potentially rainy one, pick the rainy day.
On sunny days, it might be a little more fun for the inspector to take his time around the outside of the house, but if it's raining, they'll be able to tell a lot more.
For instance, water run-off. If they can see the way the water is running away (hopefully) from the house, it give a … (23 comments)

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