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Rainmakers, For the last two years or so, Fannie/Freddie has required that Borrowers explain all large deposits on bank accounts.  This has been confusing for Mortgage Originators and Borrowers, because Fannie/Freddie did not explain what is "large".  So, it's Underwriter discretion. For a while,...
Readers (First is a series!) Today's Lending Tip is darn simple: Borrowers cannot have Gift Funds for purchases of an Investmant Property. This came up recently when a Buyer was looking at buying a house that already had Renters in it.  My Buyer was going to eventually Owner-Occupy, but was willi...
Wishing You A Prosperous And Happy Chinese New Year!   The Peltier Family. We have now entered the Year Of The Dragon! Occupying the 5th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is the mightiest of the signs. Dragons symbolize such character traits as dominance and ambition. Dragons prefer to ...
Let's all brush up a bit on how to better use our "mobile office", the iPhone.  Here are some of my to picks for productivity: Touchscreen technique tips Improve your battery life!
I have been somewhat flummoxed as of late with the Facebook posts of some of my old highschool classmates. See, I came from a well-off suburb of Minneapolis.  Sure, there were some people with troubles at home, maybe even financial troubles.  But, in general, most of us had it darn good.  We had ...
Clients have new ways to get loans closed faster!  Make a music video!   I'm SO glad our customers never have get to this point.  We close loans on time and without hassle here at Premier!
Have you heard about this new thermostat, the Nest? Created by some of the same people that have brought you the, uh, well-received iPod and iPhone, this thermostat is not just product-degn sexy, it's smarter than most people.  The darn thing learns your patterns!  And if that's not enough, you c...
We got news yesterday that we now have a new solution for financing a condo that has a low Owner-Occupancy. We can now do an Owner-Occupied or 2nd Home purchase up to 95% loan/value (with MI) and the % of owner-occupied units DOES NOT MATTER! Previously, we were pretty hamstrung, with our investo...
Senate passes bill to allow ski areas to develop offseason activities! As a Mountain Biker, I like this.  A lot.  Good for our economy, too!  But maybe not I70 traffic.....rrrrrrr But, I suppose I can get over the traffic.  I'm kinda zen about the tr...
Realtors and Borrowers, HR2086 is not a silver bullet for our housing woes, but it certainly could help out, possibly a ton.  This bill will make all paid or satisfied medical collections accounts under $2500 DROP OFF a credit report after 45 days. WOO HOO! You may not be aware of how many people...

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