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With tax season approaching, this blog post is a good reminder to keep track of what tax deductions you can take for a rental property. New homeowners should also be aware of the home mortgage interest deduction for their primary residence.It's hard to believe that tax season is nearly here! If y...
Shopping for a new home is both fun and frustrating. When you finally settle on your dream home and the seller accepts your bid, the rest of the purchase process brings yet more frustration and stress - especially when it comes time to have the home inspected.A quick word here about your purchase...
With low interest rates and home prices, the real estate market is practically calling out to investors. But this blog post is a good reminder to do your research and make sure you're actually getting a good deal when buying foreclosures and other investment properties.I get several calls a week ...
Not everyone makes decisions the same way. Some use a pro and con technique, while others prioritize the items from which they’re trying to choose. Then there are those hardy souls who flip a coin or go with their gut. The last two techniques aren’t recommended when it comes to the biggest invest...
You may be lucky enough to stumble across your ideal home. If not, you may find that your current house can be transformed with a little hard work. Before you start knocking out walls and hiring contractors, however, a few things should be considered. Home remodeling requires a clear vision of th...
Winter's coming up and we all like to save money. GREAT ideas on how to save some extra cash. I'm not so sure how to set my hot water tank temp at 120 degrees but I'm sure I'll find out. Thanks so much for the great post!Ten Easy Ways to Save on Energy Costs.  It is just beginning to get cold aga...

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