housing: Riding the Trillion-Dollar Real Estate Recovery Roller Coaster - 10/03/12 05:42 AM
Most of the time, on a personal level, the housing market and buying a home exists only peripherally. Since I was asked to approach home buying from not only a personal basis, but as a representative of my generation as well, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to own a home.
Up until now, my life plan included graduating from college, getting a good job, living in an apartment for a few years and then buying a modest home.
Now I’m wondering if, perhaps, this is a somewhat juvenile picture. I mean, if Rob Kardashian, with all his … (112 comments)

housing: Refinancing Homes With VA & FHA Loans - 09/21/12 06:26 AM
Despite all of the negative press about how tough getting financing can be these days, streamlined refinancing of home mortgages using an FHA or VA loan promises to be easier than slicing through warm butter with a samurai sword. Is it really?
While there is no question that mortgage lenders have continually tightened guidelines over the last few years, streamlined refinancing programs for home mortgages using FHA loans or VA loans have been heralded as a stress-free way for borrowers to reduce their interest rates and monthly housing payments.
Promises of easy approvals and reduced documentation requirements have kept applications rolling … (0 comments)

housing: Understanding Fair Housing Laws - 04/04/12 04:27 AM
It’s painful to think that there was a time in American history when discrimination was the accepted practice and not the exception. It took the death of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. and the actions of President Lyndon Johnson to begin the end of housing discrimination.
The Fair Housing Act
Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 is also known as the Fair Housing Act. It makes it illegal to discriminate against another on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender and familial status. The Fair Housing Act covers all housing-related transactions, including:
buying a home … (1 comments)

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