ccim: Big boxes shrink their parking lots - 01/22/10 01:47 AM
This is not a new concept and many shopping centers and strip centers have been taking advantage of their surplus of parking lot area.  You can see the space at Radford Hills being developed for a Pizza Inn.  Even uses like ATM's and Water receptacles that take up a smaller footprint have been popping up for years.
You can expect to see more of this type of development by established businesses looking to raise cash with surplus property.
- Erik Johnson
Parking Spaces for Sale: No Carryout Allowed.
By Steve McLinden
Well, that may not be quite the way Home Depot … (2 comments)

ccim: CCIMREDEX Revealed - 12/15/09 03:17 AM
Good news for our clients and customers.  This new marketing and advertising tool has been a long time coming.  The CCIM institute has always been cutting edge when it comes to commercial real estate expertise, but now they have the tools to demonstrate the Technology and Intelligence of the organization.
- Erik
Tech Solutions

By Rich Rosfelder
For CCIM designees and candidates who are shouldering a large portion of the workload in real estate offices around the country, efficient analysis and marketing are indispensable. "Our time is precious," says Rhonda J. West, CCIM, owner of West Commercial Real … (0 comments)

ccim: Experts: Retail Deals Getting Done - 12/02/09 02:38 AM
The article is somewhat surprising to me. After attending the ICSC in San Antonio in October, it seemed to have low attendance (2,500+/-) and the mood was fairly sedate. Abilene has been flat in the retail sector with restaurants leading. Office and Industrial have both seen more action. - Erik Experts: Retail Deals Getting Done ALLEN, TX-It’s not news that the past year has seen retail take a huge hit in terms of leasing. But for every big box that goes dark and every tenant that is begging for relief from a landlord, experts tell that others are signing up … (0 comments)

ccim: Get your Insurance Refund Today - State Farm - 12/01/09 09:45 AM
HOUSTON (Houston Chronicle) - State Farm Lloyds has been ordered to issue $310 million in refunds to home insurance policyholders.
Insurance Commissioner Mike Geeslin said this completes insurance reforms that began in 2003 following years of record rate increases. Regulators had then ordered the company to cut its rates 12 percent.
The refund amounts to 6.2 percent of premiums for those the company insured from September 2003 to August 2004, and 3.4 percent of premium for each year of coverage for customers insured from September 2004 to July 2008.
State Farm, Texas' largest home insurer with about 1.2 million policyholders, has ten … (1 comments)

PARSIPPANY, N.J. (Coldwell Banker) - Three Texas cities are among the top ten most affordable college towns in the country, according to Coldwell Banker's 2009 Home Price Comparison Index (HPCI).
The annual College HPCI provides a comparison of similarly sized 2,200-sf, four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom homes in college markets within the 120 football bowl subdivision schools.
Fort Worth, home of Texas Christian University, ranked fifth with an average home price of $153,450.
Denton, with the University of North Texas, ranked seventh for its $154,900 average home price.
Houston, which has Rice University and the University of Houston, ranked … (0 comments)

ccim: WICHITA FALLS - 243 ACRES ANNEXED - 11/24/09 01:03 AM
Part of the area was the former Saint-Gobain plant property.
- Erik Johnson
WICHITA FALLS (Times Record News) - The city council voted Tuesday to annex 243 acres effective next month.
The annexation addresses land generally east of Allendale Rd. and south of Kell Blvd., including property owned by the North Texas Rural Rail Transportation District and Pitts Sand and Gravel Inc., as well as what was the Saint-Gobain Vetrotex property.
This excerpt below was published last year regarding the shut down of the materials plant.
- Erik Johnson
Saint-Gobain announced Monday afternoon that it is closing the Saint-Gobain Vetrotex … (0 comments)

More and more, this is becoming an issue.  Our TAR promulgated Commercial contracts have language that transfers the sellers interest in any minerals.  Sellers are wanting to retain any rights for future exploration or potentially rich producing sites. 
This article is interesting and points out what can and cannot be reserved or conveyed.
COLLEGE STATION (Real Estate Center) - An oil and gas technical report that's been around since 1991 has been updated.
Minerals, Surface Rights and Royalty Payments by Real Estate Center Attorney Judon Fambrough updates court rulings regarding what are and are not minerals.

ccim: High volts bolt Shermco growth in Irving - 10/19/09 11:11 AM
(Industrial : Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington) 10/19/2009 12:00:00 PM
They have satellite offices in west Texas.  I am glad to see them make a firm commitment to anchor themselves in our state.
- Erik
(Irving) - Shermco, a high-voltage electrical component testing and repair company, has purchased land for a new headquarters and plans to add 50 employees over the next several years as it positions for additional growth supporting the wind-energy industry.
Shermco Industries Inc., which now leases 95,000 sf at 2425 Pioneer Drive in Irving, bought 31 acres west of Valley View Lane and south of FAA Boulevard, also in Irving.

ccim: The West Texas District of The North Texas CCIM Chapter - 10/13/09 01:13 AM
The West Texas District of The North Texas CCIM Chapter

ccim: Abilene Apartment Occupancy Report - 10/09/09 04:09 AM

ccim: World's Largest Functioning Wind Farm - 10/02/09 09:49 AM
ROSCOE TURBINES TURN ON "Just another notch in the belt for Texas that leads the nation in wind Green Energy. Oncor is speeding along to get the transmission lines to deliver this power. Stay tuned for more good news in west Texas." - Erik ROSCOE (Abilene Reporter News) – Phase IV of the Roscoe Wind Complex began operation Thursday, making it the world’s largest functioning wind farm. Equipped with 627 turbines capable of generating more than 780 megawatts, the wind farm is the flagship project for E.ON North America. The Roscoe Wind Complex first began generating electricity in February 2008 when … (0 comments)

ccim: Texas Unemployment Rate - Abilene in Good Shape - 09/30/09 04:25 AM
According to the recent report by the Texas Real Estate Center the following data shows a favorable unemployment rate for most of west Texas major cities. 
Texas Metropolitan Areas Ranked by Unemployment Rate, August 2009
Rank Metro Area Unemployment Rate, Percent
1 Amarillo 5.6
2 Lubbock 5.7
3 Abilene 6.1
3 Midland 6.1
5 College Station-Bryan 6.4
5 Texarkana 6.4
7 San Angelo 6.7
8 Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood 7.0
8 San Antonio 7.0
10 Austin-Round Rock 7.2
11 Waco 7.3
12 Corpus Christi 7.8
12 Tyler 7.8
14 Victoria 7.9
14 Wichita Falls 7.9
Texas 8.1

16 Dallas-Plano-Irving 8.2
17 … (0 comments)

ccim: Dr. Mark Dotzour speaks at the North Texas Chapter SIOR - 09/16/09 09:45 AM
I shot over to Highland Park to the Park City Club in Dallas yesterday to hear from the RECON economic forecaster, Mark Dotzour at the North Texas Chapter SIOR monthly meeting.  It was a great opportunity to meet a few of the SIOR designees and directors.  Craig Jones, Vice President of the Chapter was there along with the President, John Fulton.  They appeared to have approximately 40 attendees at the meeting. 
Everyone I spoke to expressed and agreed that they were definately looking hard for deals and doing a lot of work to get them financed and closed.  It's always good … (0 comments)

ccim: Amarillo Housing Developments in Swing - 09/16/09 08:26 AM

ccim: Abilene's Hendrick Health System Expanding project for 2011 - 09/04/09 02:10 AM
Health Care and Wind Energy have been an assett in this depressed economy.  It's good to be in west Texas.
Hendrick's $80M, 200,000-SF expansion for Abilene(Medical : Abilene) 8/28/2009 2:15:00 PM
Hendrick Health System will soon begin the largest renovation in the hospital's history. At $80 million, Project 2010 will trickle into 2011. Plans call for 200,000 sf of new construction and 38,000 sf of renovated space.
Work is scheduled to start in October with a two-year window to complete all of the components, beginning with demolition of tunnels that connect the main hospital to the nearby Shelton Building.
A significant … (0 comments)

ccim: $1,836,590 is the value of home building permits in Abilene for August - 09/04/09 01:57 AM
Unfortunately that is a 12.4 percent drop form last years numbers during the same period.
Single-family building permits for August 2009 - Abilene(Housing : Abilene) 9/1/2009
During August 2009, the City of Abilene issued 12 single-family building permits with a total construction value of $1,836,590. The total number of single-family building permits issued in August 2009 represents a 29.4 percent decrease from the 17 permits issued in August 2008. As far as value is concerned, single-family building permit values decreased 49.7 percent from August 2008 to August 2009.
The total number of single-family permits also decreased month to month. From July … (0 comments)

ccim: West Central Texas ranked fourth for oil and gas drilling permits - 09/04/09 01:54 AM
West Central Texas fourth highest in drilling(Infrastructure & Transportation : Abilene) 9/2/2009
West Central Texas trailed three other districts in the number of oil and gas drilling permits issued in July 2009 by the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC). In July, the commission reported 74 drilling permits issued for West Central Texas, trailing the Midland district (219), North Texas (157) and East Texas (96) in rankings of the 12 districts in the state. Taylor County is one of 24 counties in the RRC's West Central Texas district.
Also in the latest RRC report, Gaines County in West Texas is the top … (1 comments)

ccim: Abilene's new biotechnology center: Life Sciences Accelerator - 08/13/09 03:48 AM
This is a great example of diversifying your industry and keeping on the leading edge of innovation.  The city and DCOA are to be recognized for their continued progress with seeking beneficial opportunities that are positively impacting the community and its residents.
Erik Johnson
DCOA taking aggressive approach to bringing business(Industrial : Abilene) 7/17/2009
A 20,000-sf Life Sciences Accelerator is on track to be completed by December in Abilene. The Development Corp. of Abilene (DCOA) agreed in February to spend as much as $5.345 million on construction of the Pine St. building.
Now bringing in businesses to fill Abilene's new biotechnology center is … (0 comments)

ccim: For the Latest Information in Wind Energy - 08/13/09 03:19 AM
Check out the World's #1 Renewable Energy Network!
If you have an interest in renewable energy, i have not found a more concise source for such a broad overview.
check it out for yourself.

ccim: San Angelo's housing market is somewhat tilted in favor of sellers - 07/14/09 08:28 AM
Abilene's little sister city has posted low numbers in terms of the number of months housing inventory is being held.   - Erik
Home of optimism: San Angelo market stronger than national(Housing : San Angelo) 7/13/2009
San Angelo took a moderate hit over the past year but sellers, builders and bankers are universally optimistic that the city's housing market has seen the worst of the downturn and avoided much of its fallout.
Of five cities of comparable size in Texas - Beaumont, Killeen-Fort Hood, Tyler and Wichita Falls are the others - San Angelo in April ranked lowest in a crucial number: months … (0 comments)

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