As Central Florida's "Newest Old Airport" comes into its own, much of the public has little idea what this airport offers. See what the Orlando Apopka Airport is all about by viewing this tour.        
Often as Realtors we have clients who are renovation or who own rentals.  Some of us specialize in property management (not me!).  All of these activities often require building supplies.  The costs can add up fast at a time when we are ALL trying to save a dollar wherever we can! Today I had the...
A while back I blogged on our efforts to assist our clients at the Orlando Apopka Airport with an appeal of their taxable property values.  After a lot of phone calls, emails and work, I am glad to report that the Property Appraiser has agreed that the values placed on the land values in this dev...
Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of assisting several buyers looking for lakefront property on the Harris Chain of Lakes in Lake County Florida.  This chain of lakes is special because it allows you to boat from the Mount Dora area all the way to Silver Springs and on to the Ockla...
The last week and a half has brought increased activity to the Orlando Apopka Airport.  Several of the best values on the field were "scooped" up by investors and owner/users who feel that the deals likely won't get any better than this.  One property closed this week and three more are in contra...
This week while visiting with several owners at the Orlando Apopka Airport, a development where we have been selling property for years, one person mentioned the increase in taxable value that he noticed on his tax notice from Orange County.  The increase on his vacant lot was excessive and neede...
For the last four days we have all been dealing with the impact of Fay at the Orlando/Apopka Airport (X04).  Early in the week we were busy hangaring five South Florida Aircraft who were getting out of the way of the storm.  We were also working to get some local aircraft, which do not have hanga...
Many Apopka residents have often wondered "What is happening at the formerly sleepy airport I drive by on HWY 441?"  The purpose of today's blog is to answer that question. The Orlando Apopka Airport used to be known as Orlando Country Airport before 2004 when it was purchased by a developer who ...
Today I read an article in Newsweek about how some brokerages are establishing food banks for their associates to keep them fed.  The article also stated that most real estate sales people are living off of the income of their spouse right now. Though it is taking more work now to stay afloat, th...

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