Here's everything you need to consider.  Selling an investment property is quite different than selling your primary residence. When you are considering selling a property that is tenant-occupied you will need to think about how the tenants may impact the sale of the home. The lease terms and your selling timeline will dictate how you can sell the home.  You could sell the home with leases in place or wait for the leases to terminate before listing the property.  If you wait for the leases to terminate you will appeal to a larger buyer pool, and the selling process can be facilitated more … (3 comments)

If you are considering selling your Austin area home, you are likely wondering what fees are involved in the sale.  In order to determine if selling your home is in your best financial interest you need to understand all of the costs associated with selling, and have a good idea of the price at which you can sell your Austin area home.  Many of the costs associated with selling your home are negotiable items in the standard Texas real estate contract; however, there are items that are typically seller expenses and other fees that you are certain to pay when you sell your … (1 comments)

austin texas: 3 COMMON MISTAKES AUSTIN HOME BUYERS MAKE - 09/25/20 06:02 AM
  Purchasing a home is a big deal!  It’s a huge move (literally and figuratively) for you and your family that will have significant consequences.  If you don’t prepare and use caution in your home buying journey, you could end up in quite a pickle.  That being said, if you recognize the following common mistakes, you will be primed for success when buying your Austin home.NOT BEING FINANCIALLY PREPAREDThere’s no point in looking for homes until you know what you can afford.  One of the biggest mistakes a home buyer can make is looking at homes before you have spoken with a lender.  After all, how … (2 comments)

austin texas: When should you list your home for sale in Austin? - 02/03/20 09:01 AM
If you stumbled across this blog post, I’m guessing you may be curious when the best time to sell your Austin area home is.  Generally speaking, homes in Austin tend to sell for more during the spring.  However, this isn’t true for every neighborhood or every home. Regardless of what time of year you list your home, homes that hit the market on Thursdays tend to do better.  This is why I always advocate for my seller clients to list their home on a Thursday.  It may appear to be an arbitrary day; however, when you think about it, the rationale for listing on Thursday … (0 comments)

austin texas: What happens when you just bought a home, and then you need to move? - 12/23/19 09:05 AM

Imagine this.  You purchase your dream home.  It has a great open floor plan, large windows that look out over the oak tree filled lawn, and a closet big enough for his shoes too. Then, six months later you suddenly get pregnant, and realize there is no way you could raise a family in what you thought was your dream house.Well, you essentially have two options in this case.1. You sell your current home2. You rent out your current homeThere are other options, but in order to determine the best option you really need to talk a REALTOR.  A real estate agent will be … (0 comments)

austin texas: Why Should You Buy a Vacation Rental in the Austin Area? - 07/10/19 09:42 AM
Purchasing a vacation rental offers a unique opportunity to grow your wealth and personally benefit from the investment.  If you were to invest in the stock market, would it also offer you a comfy bed to relax in on the weekend?  I don’t think so.    Investing in real estate has a few inherent rewards compared to investing in the market.  In comparison to traditional investments where your gain is in relation to your investment, in real estate, your gain is based on the total value of the property.  For example, if you invest $10K in the stock market and you receive a 10% return … (0 comments)

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