covid19: 100 Ideas To Keep You Occupied While Social Distancing - 04/04/20 10:22 AM
If you're anything like me, the idea of an entire month of staying home sounds like an incredibly daunting task.  That's why I decided to come up with a list of 100 ways to avoid boredom while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.  I've rounded up a whole lot of activities for individuals of all ages to have fun, be productive, and keep you occupied while social distancing.   organize your pantry clean out a closet alphabetize your bookshelf change your air filters collect items to donate clean out your fridge re-arrange a room paint an accent wall clean your … (4 comments)

covid19: Four Home Activities to Ease Boredom During the Coronavirus Pandemic - 03/23/20 10:07 AM
  As the coronavirus provides a very real concern to most of the world, one of the most common concerns among many Americans is how to face the immediate concern of boredom. The vast majority of us are practicing social distancing, and staying at home as much as possible.  However, you can only binge Netflix for so long, before the yearning to do anything else really kicks in. Now is a great time to think of ways to make this time as productive as possible.  Consider tackling some home projects to ease your boredom as we face this global pandemic.  If you need supplies, … (4 comments)