houston real estate market: 5 Must Read Houston Real Estate Articles You Might Have Missed - 08/01/09 05:34 AM
I Know Why Your Home Isn’t Selling
I have never even seen your house, its upgrades, curb appeal or that new air conditioner installed not too long ago. But trust me when I tell you that I know why your home isn’t selling. Whether acting alone, or in combination with each other, there are eight factors that scare away buyers worse then teenage girls at a horror movie screening:
The Price is Wrong This factor sits at number one for a very good reason. Pricing a home above its true market value in a tough market can cause irreparable damage to … (0 comments)

houston real estate market: Houston Real Estate sitting pretty in April - 05/21/09 06:45 AM

On Tuesday, HAR released the latest figures for the Houston Real Estate market activity during the month of April and as it's often been the case in the last year or so, the numbers were pretty mixed.
The Good
After three consecutive months of drops in the Median Sales Price, prices have stabilized. That's great news! In addition, there are fewer active listings on the market for sale now than there were a year ago. In other words we're looking at some of the healthiest inventory levels in the country. In April, it would take 6.1 months to sell … (0 comments)