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Whether you are in the market to buy a home in Washington DC,want to know How much is my Washington DC House worth?and in other areas such as Prince George's County,Charles County,Montgomery County and Anne Arundel County, you have come to the right place.



          I got a call yesterday from a lady from She was telling me how good their company is and how it would improve my real estate business tremendously if I would accept leads from their company. They give out two leads a day. Their leads are exclusively for you - That wha...
I just called this homeowner who had a home on sale in a certain area but the listing agreement just expired. He told me to e-mail him information about me,my company,why I should be the listing agent for his property and some comps because some real estate agents have already called him about tr...
                                                                       I am sure some of you real estate professionals know about this site. But this is for the real estate professionals who doesn't know about this site. I am sure if you do a search on Google,Ask,Bing or yahoo the word "For sale ...
I was online when I ran across this article. So I decided to share it everyone. Is your zipcode on the list? Mine is not. Maybe in about five years or so,I will own one of the most expensive zip codes in the U.S. Anyway click on the link to read the full story. You'll be surprised to see the citi...
When I first became a Active Rain member sometime last year,I really didn't know the affect that this website would have on me. This website is like a addiction. I am a writer and we writes can write all day if nobody stops us.Besides once this week when I was really tired,I make it a norm to eit...
If you are like me,my real estate business needs a super serious kick it in the you know what-It's that serious. I set some goals. But honestly speaking,the reason I haven't really accomplished some of my goals because I didn't improve on what was working for me and I didn't eliminate things that...
Thinking of doing a seminar? THINK SHORT SALES Everyone does the "first-time buyer" seminar....think outside the something different. Nine of ten seminars that you see real estate agents do are first time home buyers seminars. And I think that it is a great idea. But what about somethin...
Right now, I am reading a Real Estate Investing for Dummies - It is a very good read so far. But I want to know if any one of you have read,reading or listening to any good books or cd's on the topic "Real Estate Investing" I say that because it looks like a lot of books in bookstores now are lik...
Are you overwhelmed with clutter in your house? If you are,this post is for you. Here are some tips that I will like to share with you. When removing clutter,be scrupulous of the items and their purpose when deciding what to keep. Set small goals, so you'll feel less stressed to get things done a...
Boost your curb appeal  Does the front of your home look appealing? I strongly recommend you to consider these tips to help you spruce up the appearance of your home or listing to help increase the home's value. Maintain your landscaping. Mow and water the lawn regularly to keep it green. Trim tr...


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