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31 Days of December Challenge. Days 30-31 Two words to describe the past two days are Remember and Release-Let it go. 2010 was not the year that I hoped. Tish Lloyd wrote a very good blog on 2010 that I could've wrote myself if she didn't beat me to it. Dear 2010, Can't say I'm sorry to see the b...
31 Days of December Challenge. Day 28. Today I didn't do much. Started late today. Had to take my older brother along with my niece who were sick to a clinic. Somebody wanted me to do a CMA for them. Couldn't get to it. Hopefully I will tomorrow and hope she will understand. But after we got back...
BLOG ON BLOG: Seven steps on writing effective advertising copy. This blog was inspired by Russell Haskins blog Seven steps for writing effective advertising copy Gary Keller stated in the book "SHIFT" that We are in the business of lead generation. The better your real estate ads,the better you ...
New Year's Eve Party,New Year's Eve Party Etiquette and New Year's Eve are probably going to be some of the hot trending topics if not already some of the hottest trending topics. It only made sense to re-blog this one by Trish Bush. Well written blog Trish. Thank you very much for sharing. All o...
     Can I still receive the $8000 home buyer tax credit as a Military Service Member? The answer is absolutely yes. But you can receive the $8000 home buyer tax credit ONLY if you are a Military Service Member or a certain federal employee working outside of the country.Many people still don't k...
31 Days of December Challenge. Day 28. RE-DEFINE. Should you let your success or failure define who you are as a person? Many people who are successful today failed first. I have yet to meet the person who didn't fail at something first before they finally succeeded. Many people didn't succeed th...
31 Days of December Challenge. Day 27. Snowed in kept me from doing much. Still working on my Business Plan. I know I should've did this by now. But I keep discovering blogs and articles that keeps making me tweak my Business Plan. I am re-building a lot of things in my life including Real Estate...
BLOG ON BLOG: All you need to know about Networking. Last week I wrote a blog stating that I am going to start writing blogs on some that I have been old and new blogs that I have bookmarked. Today's blog on blog is a blog called "All you need to know about Networking by Lindsay Pendleton" Attend...
31 Days December Challenge - Days 24-25 Hope everyone had a Good Merry Christmas. Got to admit even though I enjoyed Christmas this year,I am happy that Christmas is over. This year wasn't one of my great years. I want to make the best of six days left in this year so that I can get off to a grea...
31 Days of December Challenge. Day 23. Re-write. Not sure if any of my two loyal readers notice in my topic I usually have a word that starts with Re. Something came to mind that it can mean two things. What is the first thing that first sometimes to mind when you see RE? Real Estate of course. S...


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