dc and virginia homes for sale: REAL ESTATE BROKER TO THE STARS KILLED IN NYC - 12/01/07 01:09 PM
I am sure many of you know about this. But this for people who don't know about this story. I just found out about this story myself today. A Real Estate broker who brokered deals with celebrities included Billy Joel,Sting and Steven Spielberg was found dead in a pool of blood around her head in her Fifth Avenue penthouse by one of her two daughters by a month ago. Although they say the death appeared to be an accident,they said that they are treating her death as a homicide. She was killed by blunt force trauma to the back of the head … (19 comments)

dc and virginia homes for sale: DECORATING A PLAYROOM - 10/15/07 02:51 PM
This is an article written by Martha Stewart. So I decided to share it with everyone
A playroom should be as bright and full of possibilities as the child in it. Choose toys and furnishings that will encourage and accommodate a child's imagination.
Versatile Components -  Children grow overnight, so let today's table become tomorrow's bench.
Story Tie - Designate a corner for reading by placing a plump armchair next to a well-stocked bookcase.
Drawing Paper - A giant paper scroll is an ideal surface on which to paint, draw or simply make a mess.
Mirror - Hang an unbreakable Plexiglas … (8 comments)

dc and virginia homes for sale: SALT SUBTTITUTES DESERVE A PLACE AT THE TABLE - 10/13/07 03:35 PM
Fill your saltshaker with a low or no sodium salt or replace it with herbs and spices. Growing evidence shows that substances in herbs and spices may fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. The taste for salt is partly hard-wired,but mostly learned or acquired. Train your taste buds to be satisfied with less salt. Gradually cut back on salt in favor of lemon, pepper, vinegar,herbs and spices. Over time,you might rediscover the true flavor of food and the supper sizzle that herbs and spices have to offer.

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dc and virginia homes for sale: MOST EXPENSIVE ZIP CODES IN THE U.S - 09/17/07 03:13 PM
I was online when I ran across this article. So I decided to share it everyone. Is your zipcode on the list? Mine is not. Maybe in about five years or so,I will own one of the most expensive zip codes in the U.S. Anyway click on the link to read the full story. You'll be surprised to see the cities that made the list.
Most Expensive ZIP Codes - Forbes.com

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dc and virginia homes for sale: POST FOR POINTS OR POSITION? - 09/14/07 02:07 PM
When I first became a Active Rain member sometime last year,I really didn't know the affect that this website would have on me. This website is like a addiction. I am a writer and we writes can write all day if nobody stops us.Besides once this week when I was really tired,I make it a norm to either blog to someone's post or write a post myself everyday. I love reading other people's post.
I have learned a whole lot from just about every single post that I have read on here. I only wished that I would've discovered this … (29 comments)

dc and virginia homes for sale: RE-CHARGE YOUR BUSINESS FOR MORE SUCCESS! - 09/09/07 10:14 AM
If you are like me,my real estate business needs a super serious kick it in the you know what-It's that serious. I set some goals. But honestly speaking,the reason I haven't really accomplished some of my goals because I didn't improve on what was working for me and I didn't eliminate things that wasn't working for me at all. And when some things are not working at all,you might need to take a step back to re-evaluate the situation and try to figure out what you can do to help breathe life into parts or areas of your business. I guess it … (5 comments)

dc and virginia homes for sale: THINKING OF DOING A SEMINAR? THINK SHORT SALES - 09/09/07 09:21 AM

Right now, I am reading a Real Estate Investing for Dummies - It is a very good read so far. But I want to know if any one of you have read,reading or listening to any good books or cd's on the topic "Real Estate Investing" I say that because it looks like a lot of books in bookstores now are like infomercial so I don't even bother with them. I really don't know much about real estate investing that's why I am reading the Dummies book. I am thinking of also joining a Real Estate Investing Club and possibly take … (6 comments)

dc and virginia homes for sale: Houses for sale in Charles County,Maryland - 08/16/07 04:04 PM


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