exit real estate agent lanre folayan: Back to Blogging from my Road trip... - 04/14/08 02:11 PM
    Many people have said that one of the things that you should do in life is go on a road trip. At the time,I didn't see the big deal about it. I mean what will I gain from going on some road trip? But while on the road trip,I started seeing beautiful places that I have never seen before. As I started viewing the beautiful mountains and hills,I was happy that I went on the road trip that covered 2,709 miles.
      My brother who is in the Navy just finished training and he … (19 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: 50,000 Points....Actually it is 50,022 Points. But who's counting? Thank you Active Rain! - 04/03/08 07:23 PM
After writing many blogs and responding to other people's blog,I've finally halfway to the century mark. I have 50,022 points. But It was a tough task for me. And I didn't get there alone. So I would like to thank first and first most the great and brilliant staff at Active Rain
Rich Jacobson Jonathan Washburn Bob Steward Nicole Rae Matt Heaton Lydia Heaton Ben Wiseley Brad Andersohn ( Active Rain's newest member and Technology Guru ) And the rest of the Active Rain Staff Thank you all very much. Active Rain is growing online Real Estate Network … (45 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: April is Autism Awareness Month! - 04/02/08 01:27 PM
Today-April 2,2008 marks the first annual World Autism Awareness Day. I don't know much about Autism or know anyone who is affected by it. So I decided that the least that I can do is educate myself on this topic.
Autism is a complex brain disorder that affects a person's ability to communicate and develop social relationship. It is often accompanied by extreme behavorial challenges. The diagnosis of autism has increased tenfold in the last decade and the centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called autism a national public health crisis whose cause and cure still … (16 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: Home buyers:: Prequalify yourself before you get preapprove for a loan - 03/29/08 12:30 PM
      Dear Homebuyers,
      After months or maybe years of donating your hard earned money to the "I want to make my Landlord very wealthy because I just love giving away my hard earned money for free" Foundation,you decide that you want to stop giving away your hard earned money and finally become a homeowner- Congratulations to you. ( We are going to party like its 1999 once you settle in your new home ) I thought my kids were going to graduate from Grad school before you buy a home. ( I have no kids by the way )But before you start your … (12 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: Did you know? - 03/19/08 05:56 PM
      I was listening to the news last night when I heard this. Did you know that light bulbs can be bad for your health. Energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs-8000 hour long life bulbs that slashes your light bills contain mercury-potentially potent toxic. Government experts are urging people not to throw them away. So what are you supposed to do when it light bulbs burn out? You should properly recycle them in your home. But only a handful of counties in the country recycles them. Also,ACE and other hardware stores are encouraging franchise owners to create in store recycling centers for these light … (14 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: Free website to promote your listings and service - 02/23/08 02:28 PM
       One of the first things that I do when I log into Active Rain is to check for referrals. Well,I did that to today and I discovered this site. I am sure some of you know it. But this is for the rest of the people who don't about this site. It is called www.classifiedflyerads.com It is supposed to be a tool that helps realtors,employers,auto dealers and service providers to promote their business.

     Also,this site allows you to create flyers via through mobile phone ( That's nice ) and allow it to be spotted to on a … (15 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: JUST DON'T GIVE UP-"YOU CAN BE GREAT IF YOU ONLY WILL" - 02/20/08 02:26 PM
I just finished reading a post by Mrs.Tamara Inzunza Realtor -Alexandria,VA about your business plan which prompted me to review mine and see what I need to do to make it better. ( I track my business plan/goals every week ). Anyway,I was looking in my fast trac when I ran across this poem. It is by Edgar Guest. I really liked it. Sometimes things are not going our way and we need something to lift our spirits and motivate us. So I thought that I share this poem with you. I hope you all enjoy reading this.

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: Has anyone ever heard of www.rottenneighbor.com? I think you should check this site out. - 02/13/08 02:00 PM
I was on Yahoo today when I read this story about this new website. It is called http://www.rottenneighbor.com/.  This website should suppose to let people know about a particular neighborhood before they make the decision to purchase their next home. Real estate agents can also use RottenNeighbor as a tool to market their services and feel more secure about the homes they show to their clients.
You can use RottenNeighbor to:
Get access to detailed maps of states, counties, cities and neighborhoods, all searchable by zip code Find important neighborhood information by searching the site's user-provided data Help others by uploading … (22 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: CD-ROM BUSINESS CARDS. DOES ANYBODY USE THEM? - 02/08/08 11:29 AM
So far,business is not going as I planned. So as I was reviewing my goals for the year the other day,a thought came to me - CD-ROM Business cards. I have heard that some people use them. But what I don't know is if using a CD-ROM Business cards works. I think CD-ROM Business Cards would be also good at Open Houses.
Instead of giving them a Flyer that they probably going to throw away days if not hours later,why not give them a CD-ROM Business Card? They might not want to buy or sell … (21 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: PLEASE GET SOME REST EVERY WEEK - 01/20/08 11:25 AM
I know a lot of us real estate professionals who don't have a team work at least 40 hours or week. But we know that you need your rest. One thing I have learned in life is that you are your best investment. Without your good  heatlth,you can't do such things as work and provide for your loved ones.
I know that in order to achieve success,you need to work hard,but it shouldn't risk you losing your good health. Its always good to work but too much work is not good for you. I mean,if we don't work,we can't feed our … (12 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: ADVERTISE FOR FREE- THEN WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PAY A FEE? - 01/20/08 10:50 AM
Can anyone please tell me when did free cost you something? Can someone please tell me when did paying for something become free? I am sick and tired of people always saying that they are offering free services or products only to request money later on. I think it sucks and very misleading. I"ll appreciate it if I can know upfront whether something is free or not. To me,it says that you are either a fraud,thief,crook,liar or all of the above if your saying one thing and doing the opposite of what you should be doing. Sorry if I am ranting about … (14 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: SOMEONE BLOGGING FOR YOU. ISN'T THAT CHEATING? - 01/02/08 08:26 PM
I was just blogging on here when I saw one of the Active Rain Sponsors ads on this site. It says
"Be More Productive". Bring the blog. You're paid to sell,not to blog. We blog for you $399/yr.
Of course,we all blog on here to share information/knowledge,gain knowledge from the brilliant real estate professionals on this site,get good leads,referrals and hopefully turn our leads and referrals into closing. But if you pay someone to blog for you,isn't that cheating? I just want to get your opinion on this because I can be wrong. Maybe I am missing something here or not … (53 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: NEED HELP WITH A LISTING PACKAGE! - 12/08/07 07:19 PM
Hello everyone! Yeah! It is like 4:13 am and I am still up. Why? I am doing my Lowesrealtorbenefits.com online mailing for expired listings. Which brings me to this. I ran across a expired listing. I want this listing very bad because I am a fan of this person -Seriously. And in case the owner is not home,I want to leave a listing package for them.
 I don't want to leave just any ordinary listing package. I have a good listing presentation. Should I leave a copy of my listing presentation with the owner in case the person is not home? Since … (22 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: BANANAS FOSTER - GOOD RECIPE - 12/05/07 02:37 PM
   4 bananas ( cut into chunks )    1 cup brown sugar   1/2 stick butter   1/2 tsp. cinnamon   1/4 cup rum ( dark or golden )   Vanilla ice cream   Cinnamon cookies.  
Melt butter in a large skillet. Add cinnamon and brown sugar and cook over low heat until sugar dissolves. Add bananas and liqueur and cook until bananas are softened and brown. Carefully add the rum and tip the pan away from you to ignite the flame. Once the flame has burned away,serve Bananas Foster with ice cream and garnish with cookies.
To receive your free list of "Houses for sale in Washington … (12 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: ACTOR-ACTIVIST BRAD PITT IS PUTTING HIS MONEY WHERE HIS MOUTH IS - 12/03/07 07:05 PM
          Actor-Activist Brad Pitt was on the Today Show with Ann Curry. Brad Pitt was being interviewed by Ann Curry. He told her that he is here because he want to help people who have lost their homes in New Orleans,LA. After his family,helping to rebuild New Orleans,LA is his top priority. "Sure I guess so." he said. "Right now,this is the focus, and we're going to see this thing through. We are going to start with 150 homes as they strolled through the razed neighborhoods which is decorated with the forms of building components - roofs,walls,foundations - … (8 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: REAL ESTATE BROKER TO THE STARS KILLED IN NYC - 12/01/07 01:09 PM
I am sure many of you know about this. But this for people who don't know about this story. I just found out about this story myself today. A Real Estate broker who brokered deals with celebrities included Billy Joel,Sting and Steven Spielberg was found dead in a pool of blood around her head in her Fifth Avenue penthouse by one of her two daughters by a month ago. Although they say the death appeared to be an accident,they said that they are treating her death as a homicide. She was killed by blunt force trauma to the back of the head … (19 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: FREE AGENT CONFERENCE CALL - 11/12/07 03:26 PM
A fellow real estate agent sent this to me from my old brokerage. I thought that I share it with everyone here to see if you might be interested in calling in.
2nd Wednesday of every month
NOVEMBER CALL: Avoid the Holiday Shutdown.
Time:11AM EST
No pin required for this call.
Remainders: To mute yourself: hit 6
                   To unmute yourself: hit 7.
Looking for a Washington DC Real Estate Agent that will help you buy or sell your next house or want a "Free Real Estate Market Report in your area of choice? Check … (7 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: SELL YOUR HOUSE IN WASHINGTON DC FOR TOP DOLLARS - 11/12/07 11:16 AM
Sell your home! Five tips to help you sell quickly for the highest valuation
As we all know,the home sales have hit a record low even though this is a home buyers market and this will be the best time ever to buy a home since there are more supply than demand. However,some motivated home sellers have become savvy in doing whatever they can to sell their home. I would like to share with you what someone shared with me. Here are five tips to get your home sold quickly for the highest valuation:
- Prelist Home Inspections. These inspections allow home sellers … (28 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: SALT SUBTTITUTES DESERVE A PLACE AT THE TABLE - 10/13/07 03:35 PM
Fill your saltshaker with a low or no sodium salt or replace it with herbs and spices. Growing evidence shows that substances in herbs and spices may fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. The taste for salt is partly hard-wired,but mostly learned or acquired. Train your taste buds to be satisfied with less salt. Gradually cut back on salt in favor of lemon, pepper, vinegar,herbs and spices. Over time,you might rediscover the true flavor of food and the supper sizzle that herbs and spices have to offer.

Looking for a Washington DC Real Estate Agent that will … (11 comments)

exit real estate agent lanre folayan: NEW REVERSE MORTGAGES BRING PERKS,BUT ALSO SOME RISK - 10/13/07 12:03 PM
The new breed of reverse mortgages allow for higher loan amounts and lower fees but may charge higher interest rates.
Reverse mortgages allow homeowners,
62 and older to convert home equity into income, with the lender paying out via a lump sum,monthly payments or a credit line. When the house is sold,the lender is paid back with interest. With a typical reverse mortgage, the homeowner never owes the lender more than the value of the home. More lending institutions are getting comfortable with reverse mortgages and offering more variety so more choices are available. There are more resources and more … (24 comments)

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