exit residual income: What are your daily affirmations? - 03/20/10 04:08 AM
      What are your daily affirmations? What is a affirmation? Affirmations are short,positive,present tense statements that define a state of being or a desired result. Repetitive exposure to an an affirmation builds belief. This year I am doing it more now.
       Throughout history great avatars,leaders and achievers have harmoniously trumpeted one pointed fact of reality concerning human accomplishment that is irrevocable. You are what you think about,you become what you conceive in your mind. If you can believe it,you can achieve it.
      Someone told me about Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich",( I haven't read the book yet … (19 comments)

exit residual income: Two potential buyers and a maybe a seller from Door knocking today! Oh! And a buyer from an e-mail - 03/26/08 10:30 AM
Right Now
72° Mostly cloudy 8 mphWinds WNW Feels Like: 70°F Washington DC  VA
Nice weather today. So I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and do some door knocking in my neighborhood. Most of them people were not home so I just left a door hanger along with my business cards attached to it. I met one man who was doing some work in front of his house. When I gave him my business card,first thing he asked me smiling was "How much do you think I get for my house?" I told him I am not sure. ( I didn't want … (32 comments)

exit residual income: "Is Your Quarter Only Worth. 25 Cents?" - 03/08/08 12:34 PM
  Hello Everyone. There is a free conference call next week. Though you might be interested. If you can,please tune in for this free agent conference call. As every conference call,I know this is going to be a good one.

exit residual income: Home equity - falls below 50% - 03/06/08 12:32 PM
          Home equity - falls below 50%
       Just what we needed.  More bad news when most homeowners are struggling to keep up paying on their mortgages. Now this. For the first time on record since 1945,homeowners percentage of equity in their homes has fallen below 50%. After saying just this,I don't even know if I should even say more. But maybe reading this,some homeowners might want to put their homes on the market hoping to at least get something out of the selling their home before it is too late. And with spring approaching soon and more home buyers looking … (16 comments)

exit residual income: What home owners want to hear and need to know are two different things - 02/28/08 03:48 PM
Your home is the best looking house in the neighborhood.
Your home is ready to be put on the market now.          
I can sell your home in less than 30 days.
I am the best real estate professional in my city and state.
I will charge you less than the average 6% commission fee than traditional brokerages charges.
Your home will sell for xxxx amounts of dollars. I am absolutely sure about it. I can tell just by looking at your home.                                                            
Your home looks nice. But some light painting and some de-cluttering will … (11 comments)

exit residual income: At open houses,should I give everyone my business card? - 02/28/08 03:38 PM
        So you are having a open house house for one of your listings or for either your fellow agent or broker. A couple walks through the door. They view the property. After they finishing viewing the house,you ask them. What do you think of the house? The couple loves it. So you then ask them "Are you working with a real estate agent? They say yes. But we all know that everybody that comes to your open house are not working with a real estate agent
        They just say that because they do not want to be bothered … (9 comments)

exit residual income: What does hustle mean to you? - 02/25/08 11:10 AM
In this Real Estate Market,you have to hustle. Either you hustle or get left behind. So this is what hustle means to me.
Hustle to me is telling people that you are going to do something and proving them wrong because they believe that you couldn't get it done in the first place. Hustle to me is thinking outside of the box. Hustle to me is going back to the basics and doing what got you here in the first place. Hustle to me is not giving up on something because you believed in it and everybody didn't. … (4 comments)

exit residual income: CD-ROM BUSINESS CARDS. DOES ANYBODY USE THEM? - 02/08/08 11:29 AM
So far,business is not going as I planned. So as I was reviewing my goals for the year the other day,a thought came to me - CD-ROM Business cards. I have heard that some people use them. But what I don't know is if using a CD-ROM Business cards works. I think CD-ROM Business Cards would be also good at Open Houses.
Instead of giving them a Flyer that they probably going to throw away days if not hours later,why not give them a CD-ROM Business Card? They might not want to buy or sell … (21 comments)

exit residual income: REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT WORKSHOP! - 01/26/08 06:56 PM

exit residual income: HOW MUCH CAN YOU PAY ON A MORTGAGE? - 01/26/08 06:31 PM

exit residual income: SELL YOUR HOUSE IN WASHINGTON DC FOR TOP DOLLARS - 11/12/07 11:16 AM
Sell your home! Five tips to help you sell quickly for the highest valuation
As we all know,the home sales have hit a record low even though this is a home buyers market and this will be the best time ever to buy a home since there are more supply than demand. However,some motivated home sellers have become savvy in doing whatever they can to sell their home. I would like to share with you what someone shared with me. Here are five tips to get your home sold quickly for the highest valuation:
- Prelist Home Inspections. These inspections allow home sellers … (28 comments)

exit residual income: NEW REVERSE MORTGAGES BRING PERKS,BUT ALSO SOME RISK - 10/13/07 12:03 PM
The new breed of reverse mortgages allow for higher loan amounts and lower fees but may charge higher interest rates.
Reverse mortgages allow homeowners,
62 and older to convert home equity into income, with the lender paying out via a lump sum,monthly payments or a credit line. When the house is sold,the lender is paid back with interest. With a typical reverse mortgage, the homeowner never owes the lender more than the value of the home. More lending institutions are getting comfortable with reverse mortgages and offering more variety so more choices are available. There are more resources and more … (24 comments)

I was just curious to find out. As real estate professionals,our clients come from all different areas with all having different issues. So I was just curious. Say for instance,a married couple needs you to help them sell their home. Problem: Only the husband's name is on the deed and the wife's name is not. And the husband is the one who has dementia. What do you do? Active Rain members,I need your help and advice on this one. What will you do?
To receive a free list of "Houses for sale in Washington DC",please give me a call at your … (12 comments)

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