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Learn how to read a title or pest inspection report; understand lender language; identify the tools your pending transaction team needs to do a GREAT job for you. My name is Diana Turnbloom and I am a leading expert and educator on transaction management!
Oh boy! So many things to worry about when your client is under contract! What’s the most important stuff to focus on? Put the following on your calendar:1.    Deposit Due Date. Buyer is out of contract if funds are not placed into the escrow account.Buyer’s agents-Get the deposit in there ASAP! ...
03/13/2018 has had an amazing 2017 with increased transaction closings every month and new record closing months! To fulfill our commitment to outstanding Virtual TC services, we have added on 2 new Coordinators; Sarah Kellar, who heads up our Presale Department and Esther Goldberg-Contreras...
Recently, I had a lively debate with one of my very sharp brokers (my hubby) regarding the removal of the inspection contingency on the CAR-CR form.His argument was, if the inspection contingency is removed but the disclosures, reports, HOA docs, title report are not, then the buyer COULD cancel ...
It happens…buyer and seller re-negotiate the sales price or add credits after inspections have been completed.Just a year ago, we would address these changes on an addendum, send to the escrow office and lender (hopefully before the loan docs have been prepared) and we were good to go!Now, every ...
If you’re ready to close out a file and thinking about purging emails related to the transaction, think again!Emails are the simplest method of documenting what happened during a transaction. For most of us, communication is now performed via email. (Yes, I’m old enough to remember when we used p...
A recent change in the California Association of REALTORS (CAR) Representative Capacity Signature Disclosure and resulting confusion on how it’s to be used prompted me to write about Standard Forms Advisory Committee (SFAC) and how disclosures/contracts are created.Years ago, l had the privilege ...
02/15/2016, a virtual real estate transaction coordination company is looking an experienced Transaction Coordinator who has a home office and is able to work independently with a virtual team. Team leader Diana Turnbloom is a 30 year veteran who will teach you systems that save time and ear...
A probate sale we are preparing to close reminds me how complex they can be and the importance of using team members with expertise in this area!A probate sale occurs when a homeowner passes away without a joint tenancy (spouse or domestic partner). If a will identifies an Executor, this individu...
The era of CLUE reports has finally ended. Disclosure Source, JCP and other discloure companies will soon no longer offer these reports. How will it affect those agents who order them as part of their disclosure package? Not much really!A CLUE report was a little add-on report to the Natural Haza...
NIGHTMARE! Your TC suddenly quit and you need to find someone NOW who can take the ball and run with it, especially if you have multiple files under contract! Don’t panic…take a deep breath and follow the emergency instructions below; Step 1-If able-go over the files with the exiting TC or locate...

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