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Learn how to read a title or pest inspection report; understand lender language; identify the tools your pending transaction team needs to do a GREAT job for you. My name is Diana Turnbloom and I am a leading expert and educator on transaction management!



Come on People!After being in the real estate business for nearly 23 years with my husband, I've been through crappy markets, gloom and doom forecasts, etc. Let me share the advise I give agents and officers in my office. When the market is down, get educated and look for opportunities to use you...
I just received an angry message from another team member on a sales transaction. She had emailed a disclosure for our client to sign several times during the course of the sale and we never followed through! She assumed we were ignoring her requests, when in reality, we never received the reques...
Many of us in the real estate industry read pest inspection reports by checking out the back (bid) page for the total amount of Section 1 items that were called. We all want to know what's the dollar amount required for certification!However, knowing the dollar amount does not necessarily indicat...
In Northern California, Transaction Coordinators are hired by brokerage offices to help agents coordinate their sales transactions. Coordinators manage paperwork, remind team members of upcoming events and help solve problems. I have had the opportunity to work with other real estate professional...
As a Transaction Coordinator, I review a lot of contracts before applying them to my systems. I've noticed lately buyers and sellers are negotiating more and agents are using a number of addendums to counter terms. Remember to be consistent wih numbering or lettering! I've had addendums with no n...


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