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Learn how to read a title or pest inspection report; understand lender language; identify the tools your pending transaction team needs to do a GREAT job for you. My name is Diana Turnbloom and I am a leading expert and educator on transaction management!



Made with free image tools @ As the transaction coordinator for my office, I am working on a pending real estate sale we opened a week ago. When I emailed the loan officer to find out if she had ordered the appraisal yet, she replied she was waiting for the buyer's signature on the se...
 Last week, I discussed the different types of Section 1, Section 2 and Further Unknown Damage in a termite report. This week, as promised, I wanted to talk about open frame inspections and how they can affect your buyer AND seller!If the inspector is aware that someone else will be doing the rep...
This post is Part 2 of Holy Termites Batman!Last week, I talked about the different types of termite reports you may see on a property. Today, my little winged friends, we are going to talk about the different types of damage you may see in a report. I cannot stress enough how important it is to...
I would have to say that for most of our clients, one of the biggest concerns is thePest inspection report and cost of Section 1 repairs.Cost can quickly spiral into the 10K + category especially if the home is older with wood siding or has a lot of attached decking.I'm the termite queen in my of...


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