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Learn how to read a title or pest inspection report; understand lender language; identify the tools your pending transaction team needs to do a GREAT job for you. My name is Diana Turnbloom and I am a leading expert and educator on transaction management!



Exciting News! has been approved as a Preferred Provider for Transaction Management for Realty World Northern California! I am so proud to have been considered and accepted by this awesome company and especially appreciate Wanda Klor and Michael Strong of The Klor Strong Team, Sco...
I thought we had worked this one out! On Feb 1st of this year FHA agreed to temporarily allow funding on homes that were acquired by the current owner (bank/investor/seller) in less than 90 days IF the property met certain criteria. Now I hear some banks are still enforcing the 90 day flip rule-...
A little birdie just informed me that a couple of large California brokerages have been dinged for not providing reports/disclosures to perspective buyers from a previous transaction on that same property that the broker was involved in! What this means is if your brokerage represented the seller...
Now that our primary method of communication is via email correspondence, our first impression of others on the pending sale team is frequently based upon the content of your email and how it's written. If you want to earn respect and encourage others to respond quickly to your requests, then fo...


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