email: Emails...The Ticket to Peace of Mind - 03/04/16 02:05 AM
If you’re ready to close out a file and thinking about purging emails related to the transaction, think again!
Emails are the simplest method of documenting what happened during a transaction. For most of us, communication is now performed via email. (Yes, I’m old enough to remember when we used phones and FAX’s!).
Documentation, in the event of a transaction related lawsuit, provides written evidence of activities and events. Although many challenging transactions feel like you’ll never forget what happened, all of us tend to lose the details of the story after time. And you never know when a seemingly easy transaction turns … (2 comments)

email: Ready to Go Paperless, But Don't Know Where to Start? - 08/21/13 03:02 AM
I recently wrote a post about Angry Team Members that many ActiveRain participants responded to. A few of were surprised that one of the transaction team member (6 team members total- The buyer, seller, listing agent, selling agent, loan officer and escrow officer) was having challenges with electronic documents.
Having worked with thousands of real estate agents throughout California as a Transaction Coordinator, I know there are those who are still struggling with the technology of computer, email and electronic documents (my hubby is one of them!).
There's information about the benefits of going paperless, but no specific steps on how … (0 comments)

email: Transaction Coordinators-Paperless Files-Start Saving Time & Money! - 07/29/13 02:00 AM
Having worked as a Transaction Coordinator and trainer for years, I understand your need for efficiency and systems that WORK.
Time is of essence when working with large volumes of files or building a profitable business so an investment in time saving systems is a no-brainer!
Eliminate wasted steps like printing, scanning and storing documents in a hard copy file. Most of our documents arrive via email so why not simply move them into a file on your computer so you have easy access?
I'll show you my secrets to creating organized paperless files that make it fast and easy to … (0 comments)

email: Burning Bridges via Email - 02/01/11 02:35 AM
OK, I think I've made it clear that I LOVE the use of email for communication between team members during a transaction! It performs a number of functions at once which helps me save time!
Unfortunately, some people forget they are working in a professional environment and use email to personally attack other team members when they are frustrated.
My hubby taught me long ago to "Never Burn Bridges in Real Estate." Because you never know when you may forced to work with that person again.
I believe email Bridge Burning is even worse, because the documentation can be saved for … (10 comments)

email: Get Team Members to Respond to Email Requests! - 08/05/10 06:20 AM

Now that our primary method of communication is via email correspondence, our first impression of others on the pending sale team is frequently based upon the content of your email and how it's written.
If you want to earn respect and encourage others to respond quickly to your requests, then follow these simple rules;
1-KISS. Keep it Simple S.....!
Be very clear as to the reason you are sending the email. Provide a brief description in the subject line and again in your introduction.
Example: Subject line- "Loan Contingency Due Today"
Example: Introduction- "I want to remind you that … (0 comments)

email: Saving Emails for your Files - 11/05/08 07:29 AM
Most of us are using email as a method of communication between team members. I wanted to discuss simple steps to saving this important documentation for your records.
 The first thing I do when an escrow is opened is I'll create a folder in my outlook program. By right clicking on "Inbox," select New Folder, then type in the street name of the property, and your finished. You should see a little picture of a folder under your inbox with the property street name.
 Now it's easy to drag and drop any emails relating to the transaction into this folder.
 Would … (7 comments)

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