paperless: Paperless Files for a Real Estate Office Class-May 21st - 03/13/14 08:33 AM
I'll be teaching my popular Paperless File class at the Inland Gateway Association of REALTORS in Corona on Wednesday May 21st. from 1-3 pm. 
More and more real estate professionals and their clients are using internet technology to communicate and deliver information. Faster and more efficient than phone calls, FAXING or hand delivery you will appear more professional and be able to provide high-quality customer service.
Printing out and storing files is not only time consuming, but the excessive cost in paper, toner and storing the file is unnecessary with today's amazing technology.
In only … (1 comments)

paperless: 30 second test to determine if you are an efficient agent - 09/16/13 05:17 AM
1-Do you spend more time working on paperwork then marketing/prospecting to clients?
2-Are you exhausted from trying to keep up with work/family/personal time?
3-Do you print out and store your files and paperwork as hard copies?
4-Are you spending too much time preparing files for your broker's review?
5-Are you wasting time trying to locate documents you "thought" you received?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you might want to consider changing a key part of your business operations to create an office that requires no paperwork, is accessible from most portable devices, and saves you time and … (1 comments)

paperless: How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days! - 09/04/13 06:51 AM

Yes, you CAN lose 10 pounds in 10 days by going paperless with your office systems!
Did you know the average worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year?! That's a lot unnecessary cost, storage and trash now that there are simple technologies to help you eliminate the excess weight of hard copies!
I've worked as a virtual Transaction Coordinator since 2008 and developed my paperless system for myself and staff so it's;
1-Easy to learn,
2-Inexpensive (no complicated transaction software)
3-Speeds up production time
It works SO well, that I've recorded a class on it and now YOU can … (2 comments)

paperless: Good Morning Real Estate Team-You are AWESOME! - 08/22/13 01:04 AM
Just sent this to my sons Brian and Brad who are 26 and 23. Thought you might enjoy it...
YOU are... Awesome!
YOU are... Incredible!
YOU.... Rock!
I AM proud of YOU!
Now Go Out There and Sell Some Real Estate!


paperless: Paperless Files Webinar-Learn STEP by STEP! - 08/13/13 04:16 AM
I was reviewing a few past articles in Real Estate publications and noticed that they gave great advice on why a real estate professional should go paperless, but now HOW to get started!
I can relate to the frustration some people might be experiencing trying to convert. A lot of information on the topic but no specific steps for those who aren't "geeks."
It took me several years to perfect my virtual transaction management system. I beta-tested a lot of products and wasn't sure what I even wanted or needed!
Peers and co-workers began to ask me about my paperless system … (0 comments)

paperless: Too Much Security Prevents Document Splitting - 08/05/13 07:01 AM

What's going on with the "security enhancements" with ZipLogix and DocuSign?
I've worked in the real estate business now for over 20 years as a co-owner of a brokerage company, trainer, Transaction Coordinator and all around curious cat wondering why we do the things we do.
Please note that I am an extreme efficiency expert. I'm annoyed when it takes me more than 2 clicks to get where I want to be in a software program (Seconds wasted per program, multiplied by 40 transactions per day).
So I was super annoyed last year when suddenly I wasn't able to … (1 comments)

paperless: Transaction Coordinators-Paperless Files-Start Saving Time & Money! - 07/29/13 02:00 AM
Having worked as a Transaction Coordinator and trainer for years, I understand your need for efficiency and systems that WORK.
Time is of essence when working with large volumes of files or building a profitable business so an investment in time saving systems is a no-brainer!
Eliminate wasted steps like printing, scanning and storing documents in a hard copy file. Most of our documents arrive via email so why not simply move them into a file on your computer so you have easy access?
I'll show you my secrets to creating organized paperless files that make it fast and easy to … (0 comments)

paperless: Do you have problems reading contracts on a computer? - 07/26/13 04:23 AM

 I've have many real estate professionals admit to me that when going paperless they struggle with trying to  comprehend contracts and other documents when reading on a computer screen. They have to print it out and  read it in order to understand it. 
 Believe it or I had the same problem! It's not because I'm dumb or OLD. (OK, maybe it's because I'm an  ancient Coordinator who was used to doing things "old school" way). 
 Like anything else new, you need to re-train the old brain to look at the contracts in a different way. The first  contract I read on … (0 comments)

paperless: 6 Inexpensive Technologies To Help you Go Paperless - 07/26/13 03:45 AM
 Did you know that the average worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year! That's a lot  of  money!  And as an agent/broker, the cost to store huge closing files can be costly as well.
 I've worked as a virtual Transaction Coordinator for years and have honed my paperless skills  to the point  that I haven't replaced my toner cartridge in a year and half and I rarely use  paper!
 Below are 6 inexpensive technology systems you can incorporate into your real estate office  today to  create paperless files, reduce waste and save money!
1-Cloud technology for sharing … (3 comments)

paperless: Is it OK to store closed files electronically? - 07/25/13 05:25 AM
 It sure is in California! As long as you can retrieve the file for the DRE to review, it's OK!
My hubby and I have spent thousands of dollars storing huge closed files for our real estate brokerage. I'll admit I used to HATE auditing the files before close. They were massively huge with hundreds of pages to review individually and organize. 
Now that we've gone paperless, it's so much easier to audit and store files. 
Once the transaction has closed, I quickly audit the file right on my computer to identify incomplete documents by a coding system that everyone is … (0 comments)

paperless: Webinar Class-Creating Paperless Files for a Real Estate Office - 07/24/13 07:12 AM
How to create paperless files for your office!
More and more real estate professionals are using internet technology to communicate and transfer information to each other. It's faster and more efficient than phone calls, FAXING or hand delivery. To look professional and provide high-quality customer care, it's important you learn how to use these tools to enhance your business.
Printing out and storing files is not only time consuming, but the excessive cost in paper, toner and storing the file is unnecessary with today's amazing technology.
In only 2 1/2 hours, you'll learn easy step by step instructions to create and … (4 comments)

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