It does not get any better than this folks.
From Paris Hilton (celebrity-debutant)To Snoop Dog & Puff Daddy (rap artist)To Bob Proctor (best-selling author & life coach)Now a Presidential CandidateHave used or are currently using our cutting edge technology in some form or another.
Whether you are an Obama supporter or not, you have to commend him for using technology to the best of his advantage.  We have a digital society, and most consumers, voters, and the community alike, are logging on to the computer to get their information.  Obama has not limited himself to viewers who can only see him in person or … (3 comments)

blog: Have You Ever Attended A Webinar?? Would You Like To? Attend My Broadcast & The 1st 50 People Get A Free Gift! - 02/09/08 08:57 PM
If I could help you market your services, decrease advertisement cost and enhance visibility on a global scale would you be interested?
The unique thing about this product is, it is VERY visual and instead of having you click on a thousand links, I'd rather show you a live demonstration from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you live!
Join me, Wed. Feb. 13, 9PM EST, for a free Webinar, the 1st 50 people to log on with their e-mail address will get at a 30 day free trail gift card (sent via email), all you have to do … (3 comments)

blog: Is It Time To Generate A Second Income? - 02/05/08 09:32 PM
Being a seasoned real estate agent ,in this market, has really made me take a good hard look at what the future holds.   Maintain a lifestyle, which I have become accustomed to, has definitely been a challenge, to say the least.
So when I was approached by a fellow Realtor, who gave me information on a way that I could supplement my revenue, without effecting my current income stream, I was willing to listen.  In fact, it helped my Real Estate business, helped me maintain my lifestyle AND generated residual income.
Multi Level Marketing is on the rise, and being endorsed by millionaire … (4 comments)

blog: We All Have A Digital Life - Let's Capitalize On The Changing Times - 08/31/07 09:14 AM
Capatilize on the Digital Age That's Upon Us
We all know that we have a digital life. Who here does not:
Take pictures or videos with their cell phones? Download music? Has a digital camera? Sends emails? Uses a PDA? Surfs the web?Do you remember when the cell phones use to look like this?
If I told you that this same phone would become AFFORDABLE to the masses, and would be able to basically replace your: camera, walkman (we did not have ipods back then), address book/rolodex & your video camera, would you have believed me? Better yet, would you have invested money … (3 comments)

blog: Multisensory Advertising - Lean How to Capatilize on Captivating Your Audience - 08/31/07 01:59 AM
10% of people remember what they read 20% of people remember what they hear 30% of people remember what they see 50% of people remember what they see and hear togetherWouldn't you want to target the market where 50% of the people who come by your ad would remember you, your services or inventory?
It is proven that Multisensory marketing, such as graphic rich video emails, live web broadcasting & video instant messaging, offers a cost-effective solution for anyone trying to make a lasting impression on the consumer.
ActiveRain Sponsors:, & are telling you that the PEOPLE want to … (3 comments)

blog: Realtors & Reality TV - Does This Sound Out Of Reach For You? - 08/29/07 11:18 AM
The Business Magazine of Florida Real Estate, September issues, talks about sales associates who grace the reality television airwaves gain exposure, boosted their image, elevated their visibility & increased their sales volume. In a competitive real estate market, where buyers are difficult to come by, and sellers are holding on to faded dreams of doubling their property appreciation, this "type" of marketing would be priceless.
So why am I telling you about reality TV, when we would all love the opportunity to be selected to appear on a network, showcasing our expertise? The unfortunate reality of it is only a small selected … (4 comments)

blog: Real Estate Case Study - Learn to Leverage Your Time & Money! - 08/12/07 09:56 PM
Real Estate Case Study
The Challenge
Selling a home using tradiotional advertising is costly.  Advertising listings can cost a Realtor anywhere from hundreds of dollars a month, to thousands of dollars a month.  How many of you pay for: newsletter productions, direct mailing, online ads & websites, newspaper ads, print ads & virtual tours?
The Solution
Video communications are proven to garner greater results than text or pictures.  Studies show that people only remember:
10% of what they read20% of what they hear30% of what they see 50% of what they see and hear together.It is proven that multi-sensory messaging, such as graphic rick video … (0 comments)

blog: Video Email - Live Broadcast on the Net - As Seen in Realtor Magazine - 07/19/07 05:47 AM
All of us Realtors, know how important it is to stand above our competition.  We also know it's even more important to include technology in our marketing to attract our technically savvy consumers.
My name is Edy Garcia, I am a Realtor with Exit Realty, I have been using video email & live video broadcasting, and I thought I had the BEST KEPT SECRET!  To my surprise, I am hearing more and more people talk about these products and services and how it has increased their visibility on the web, not only in promoting themselves, but their inventory as well.
I … (0 comments)


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