commercial: Thinking about broadcasting your own show? or Creating a Webinar? Sending Video Email - I am offering a FREE 30 day Gift Card.. - 03/04/08 06:06 AM
I am offering a free 30 day gift card (sent via email for immediate use) to use our products, either personally or professionally.  However you will have the ability to do the following:
-Broadcast Live (or archive) your own show or commercial
-Create Webinars
-Video Email
-Video Conference (up to 5 people)
-Video IM
-Video Blog
-Video Podcast (with rss feed for subscribers)
We live in a digital age, where, "we the people" have become like a flock of birds.  In one moment, one bird (or person) goes in a different direction, it seems that everyone follows.  After months of research on this company, their technologies and the future, … (6 comments)

commercial: We All Have A Digital Life - Let's Capitalize On The Changing Times - 08/31/07 09:14 AM
Capatilize on the Digital Age That's Upon Us
We all know that we have a digital life. Who here does not:
Take pictures or videos with their cell phones? Download music? Has a digital camera? Sends emails? Uses a PDA? Surfs the web?Do you remember when the cell phones use to look like this?
If I told you that this same phone would become AFFORDABLE to the masses, and would be able to basically replace your: camera, walkman (we did not have ipods back then), address book/rolodex & your video camera, would you have believed me? Better yet, would you have invested money … (3 comments)

commercial: Multisensory Advertising - Lean How to Capatilize on Captivating Your Audience - 08/31/07 01:59 AM
10% of people remember what they read 20% of people remember what they hear 30% of people remember what they see 50% of people remember what they see and hear togetherWouldn't you want to target the market where 50% of the people who come by your ad would remember you, your services or inventory?
It is proven that Multisensory marketing, such as graphic rich video emails, live web broadcasting & video instant messaging, offers a cost-effective solution for anyone trying to make a lasting impression on the consumer.
ActiveRain Sponsors:, & are telling you that the PEOPLE want to … (3 comments)


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