email: Thinking about broadcasting your own show? or Creating a Webinar? Sending Video Email - I am offering a FREE 30 day Gift Card.. - 03/04/08 06:06 AM
I am offering a free 30 day gift card (sent via email for immediate use) to use our products, either personally or professionally.  However you will have the ability to do the following:
-Broadcast Live (or archive) your own show or commercial
-Create Webinars
-Video Email
-Video Conference (up to 5 people)
-Video IM
-Video Blog
-Video Podcast (with rss feed for subscribers)
We live in a digital age, where, "we the people" have become like a flock of birds.  In one moment, one bird (or person) goes in a different direction, it seems that everyone follows.  After months of research on this company, their technologies and the future, … (6 comments)

email: How Many Of You Heard Of Using Video, Live Broadcasting, Podcast & Other Technologies To Maximize Your Visibility, But Just Though It Wasn't For You? Consider This.. - 03/03/08 02:07 AM
How many times have you been discouraged because someone else did not see the brilliance of what you saw, or thought it was too good to be true?
How many times have you walked away from something mind blowing, but decided it must something wrong if it wasn't brought to you in a conventional way?
Consider This..
The movie Star Wars was rejected by every movie studio in Hollywood before 20th Century Fox finally produced it.  It went on to be one of the largest-grossing movies in film history.  As a child, Sylvester Stallone grew up and floated in and out of schools.  An adviser … (3 comments)

email: VIDEO TECHNOLOGY IN REAL ESTATE - 02/25/08 10:03 PM
Online Real Estate video technologies are injecting more realism into the way today's professionals communicate and share listings with clients for increased sales
The goal is to make homes that are for sale and real estate services come alive, on prospective buyers computer screens. The technology and trends are everywhere you look. Our society prefers to watch news on televisions and computers, rather than read about them in the newspaper. Thus causing streaming video, to become increasingly popular in our marketing campaigns. 
As featured in the Florida Realtor Magazine - click the link below to read the article: 
With our new technology, Agents can now send Video Emails to their … (6 comments)

email: What If You Could Look & Act As If You Were A Fortune 100 Company - 02/18/08 09:01 AM
What if you could, look and act as if it were a Fortune 100 Company and by doing this you will separate yourself from all the competition?
What can you do to maximize your time, effort & exposure?
What can you do TODAY that will continue to generate a revenue long after you stop doing it?Imagine giving yourself the competitive edge and at the same time building a reoccurring income.
Would you take an hour out of your busy day to give yourself that advantage? Of course you will !!
If you live in Florida, Join us Saturday, Feb 23rd 10:00am - … (2 comments)

email: Have You Ever Attended A Webinar?? Would You Like To? Attend My Broadcast & The 1st 50 People Get A Free Gift! - 02/09/08 08:57 PM
If I could help you market your services, decrease advertisement cost and enhance visibility on a global scale would you be interested?
The unique thing about this product is, it is VERY visual and instead of having you click on a thousand links, I'd rather show you a live demonstration from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you live!
Join me, Wed. Feb. 13, 9PM EST, for a free Webinar, the 1st 50 people to log on with their e-mail address will get at a 30 day free trail gift card (sent via email), all you have to do … (3 comments)

email: What do we know about Network Marketing? (short video) - 02/07/08 08:51 PM
Network Marketing is growing popularity.  This ingenues business model is even endorsed by multimillionaires, and successful businessmen, Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki.
Click on the picture below to view a very brief video that explains why and how Network Marketing can change your lives, as it is millions of others!
To view a tremendous Network Marketing opportunity, with a global Technology Company, click here for a basic overview, click here for affiliate packages, click here for retail packages, or visit my website for full details, www.esgtech.ifno

email: Is It Time To Generate A Second Income? - 02/05/08 09:32 PM
Being a seasoned real estate agent ,in this market, has really made me take a good hard look at what the future holds.   Maintain a lifestyle, which I have become accustomed to, has definitely been a challenge, to say the least.
So when I was approached by a fellow Realtor, who gave me information on a way that I could supplement my revenue, without effecting my current income stream, I was willing to listen.  In fact, it helped my Real Estate business, helped me maintain my lifestyle AND generated residual income.
Multi Level Marketing is on the rise, and being endorsed by millionaire … (4 comments)

email: Is It Time To Use Video In Your Marketing? - 01/25/08 10:03 PM
The times are changing, and so is our technology. In a blink of an eye we went from beepers to cell phones.  Brick cell phones to credit card sized cell phones. 
As if that wasn't enough, we now have the ability to: takes pics with our phone, take video with our phone, enter addresses and dates into our phones, even the ability to listen to music and record information on most phones.
How about the internet?  How many of you remember the dreaded dial up.  I use to cringe every-time my phone would ring, because I would loose pertinent data that I was working … (11 comments)

email: Is Recession Here? What Can We Do About It? - 01/24/08 10:09 PM
Real Estate Market
Interest Rates
Stock Market
Gas Prices
The World's economy
Slower consumer spending and rising unemployment - that's the floor for recession,  possibly on a global level. As recession fears increase, and the public purchasing habbits decrease, how do we continue to generate income?
The answer is, thinking outside the box!  As much as people may or may not be making large purchases, the fact is, the numbers have definitely declined, and not looking any brighter for the immediate future. 
So I am left asking, what do you do to generate income for your family and maintain the income stream that you have become … (6 comments)

email: Inexpensive Effective Way to Market Your Home or Business, Leaving a Lasting Impression! - 01/20/08 03:24 AM
$9.95/mo go to for more information or email me directly at … (3 comments)

email: Video Says It Better - Say Goodbye To The Age Old Email & Hello To Today's Newest, Hottest Trend: Video Email - 09/16/07 05:29 AM
Well folks, it's been a little time since I've written a blog.  My business is starting to really take off and I am more excited then ever, about where technology is taken us.
You can say good bye to typing and reading emails, as Video Emails or V-Mails are becoming more preveliant in today's society. 
The funny thing about technology is that the shift, the wave, what ever you want to call it, happens so fast that we don't even realize that we are forced to change our technical habits.  The good thing about this shift or wave, is that the … (0 comments)

email: What You Should Know About Consumers, Marketings & Real Estate - 09/04/07 05:02 AM
I moved to Palm Beach County in 2000.  Everything that I approach, I do from a consumers point of view, reason being, I am a consumer and I know what I like and don't like.
When we were selling our home in Broward County, I knew nothing about Real Estate, so when I listed my home, I called a Realtor from Century 21, because I remember seeing a lot of signs from their company, I assumed they were our local professionals. 
Shortly after listing my home, I did not hear a word from my Realtor until 8 days later.  Our Realtor called with … (0 comments)

email: We All Have A Digital Life - Let's Capitalize On The Changing Times - 08/31/07 09:14 AM
Capatilize on the Digital Age That's Upon Us
We all know that we have a digital life. Who here does not:
Take pictures or videos with their cell phones? Download music? Has a digital camera? Sends emails? Uses a PDA? Surfs the web?Do you remember when the cell phones use to look like this?
If I told you that this same phone would become AFFORDABLE to the masses, and would be able to basically replace your: camera, walkman (we did not have ipods back then), address book/rolodex & your video camera, would you have believed me? Better yet, would you have invested money … (3 comments)

email: Multisensory Advertising - Lean How to Capatilize on Captivating Your Audience - 08/31/07 01:59 AM
10% of people remember what they read 20% of people remember what they hear 30% of people remember what they see 50% of people remember what they see and hear togetherWouldn't you want to target the market where 50% of the people who come by your ad would remember you, your services or inventory?
It is proven that Multisensory marketing, such as graphic rich video emails, live web broadcasting & video instant messaging, offers a cost-effective solution for anyone trying to make a lasting impression on the consumer.
ActiveRain Sponsors:, & are telling you that the PEOPLE want to … (3 comments)

email: Realtors & Reality TV - Does This Sound Out Of Reach For You? - 08/29/07 11:18 AM
The Business Magazine of Florida Real Estate, September issues, talks about sales associates who grace the reality television airwaves gain exposure, boosted their image, elevated their visibility & increased their sales volume. In a competitive real estate market, where buyers are difficult to come by, and sellers are holding on to faded dreams of doubling their property appreciation, this "type" of marketing would be priceless.
So why am I telling you about reality TV, when we would all love the opportunity to be selected to appear on a network, showcasing our expertise? The unfortunate reality of it is only a small selected … (4 comments)

email: Streaming Video - In Demand - Affordable & Effective When Marketing! - 08/19/07 12:39 AM
We all know that we have a digital life. Who here does not:
Take pictures or videos with their cell phones? Download music? Has a digital camera? Sends emails? Uses a PDA? Surfs the web?Do you remember when the cell phones use to look like this?
If I told you that this same phone would become AFFORDABLE to the masses, and would be able to basically replace your: camera, walkman (we did not have ipods back then), address book/rolodex & your video camera, would you have believed me? Better yet, would you have invested money into my company?
We all know that technology … (6 comments)

email: Video Marketing - Simple & Affordable - 08/15/07 02:38 AM
Live Video Broadcast (with interactive slides, polling, chat & pay per view)Podcast (with RSS feed)Video IMVideo Conference (up to 5 people total)Video BloggingMedia Storage (store photos, videos, docs, music - and share or keep private)How much would you pay for these services?
Cut your sales cycle and costly marketing with, fun, affordable, EFFECTIVE video marketing...  $9.95/mo, no contracts, set up fees or hidden cost.
For more info please goto: or email me for more details:
or log on to my live video broadcast nightly at 7PM EST.
Edy Garcia
(561) 253-5690

email: Real Estate Case Study - Learn to Leverage Your Time & Money! - 08/12/07 09:56 PM
Real Estate Case Study
The Challenge
Selling a home using tradiotional advertising is costly.  Advertising listings can cost a Realtor anywhere from hundreds of dollars a month, to thousands of dollars a month.  How many of you pay for: newsletter productions, direct mailing, online ads & websites, newspaper ads, print ads & virtual tours?
The Solution
Video communications are proven to garner greater results than text or pictures.  Studies show that people only remember:
10% of what they read20% of what they hear30% of what they see 50% of what they see and hear together.It is proven that multi-sensory messaging, such as graphic rick video … (0 comments)

email: Marketing Strategies That Work & Are Cost Efficient - 08/06/07 01:59 PM
Marketing Strategies That Work!
Have you ever wanted to market your homes or your services like the BIG companies??
Live broadcast on the web, send video email or even video conference with some of your associates!  What if I told you, that it's available, not a water downed version of some great product..  It's the REAL THING!
I invite you to view a live broadcast. weeknights at, 7PM EST, see first hand how you can attract buyers, sellers and market your services like never before!
Click on the link below  (or copy & paste the link in your address bar),
For 9.95/mo, you get:
Video emails … (5 comments)

email: Market Strategically - Effectively & Smart - Don't Throw Away Precious Time & Money! - 07/24/07 07:20 AM
Well, with this changed market, I am trying to keep ahead of my competition.  How can I efficiently market myself & my inventory? 
I contacted my local radio station, and had a meeting with their on line marketing rep, to see how I can use their services to give me a "marketing" edge.  I was given wonderful insight on how important it is to advertise, SMART, using preexisting statical data to determine where I should put my advertisement dollars.
I was amazed with the following stats (taken directly from
         Ever Seen Online Video Ad                                 Effect of Ad Exposure
         Yes         80%                                          Took … (2 comments)


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