vm: Video Says It Better - Say Goodbye To The Age Old Email & Hello To Today's Newest, Hottest Trend: Video Email - 09/16/07 05:29 AM
Well folks, it's been a little time since I've written a blog.  My business is starting to really take off and I am more excited then ever, about where technology is taken us.
You can say good bye to typing and reading emails, as Video Emails or V-Mails are becoming more preveliant in today's society. 
The funny thing about technology is that the shift, the wave, what ever you want to call it, happens so fast that we don't even realize that we are forced to change our technical habits.  The good thing about this shift or wave, is that the … (0 comments)

vm: Real Estate Case Study - Learn to Leverage Your Time & Money! - 08/12/07 09:56 PM
Real Estate Case Study
The Challenge
Selling a home using tradiotional advertising is costly.  Advertising listings can cost a Realtor anywhere from hundreds of dollars a month, to thousands of dollars a month.  How many of you pay for: newsletter productions, direct mailing, online ads & websites, newspaper ads, print ads & virtual tours?
The Solution
Video communications are proven to garner greater results than text or pictures.  Studies show that people only remember:
10% of what they read20% of what they hear30% of what they see 50% of what they see and hear together.It is proven that multi-sensory messaging, such as graphic rick video … (0 comments)

vm: Marketing Strategies That Work & Are Cost Efficient - 08/06/07 01:59 PM
Marketing Strategies That Work!
Have you ever wanted to market your homes or your services like the BIG companies??
Live broadcast on the web, send video email or even video conference with some of your associates!  What if I told you, that it's available, not a water downed version of some great product..  It's the REAL THING!
I invite you to view a live broadcast. weeknights at, 7PM EST, see first hand how you can attract buyers, sellers and market your services like never before!
Click on the link below  (or copy & paste the link in your address bar), http://www.helloworld.com:80/members_myworld.aspx?ID=esgtech&target=show
For 9.95/mo, you get:
Video emails … (5 comments)


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