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Real estate flippers and other speculators have been flogged badly in recent months for being partly responsible for the quick run-up in prices during the boom years and now for the smoldering ruins they left behind. And deservedly so. They managed to do most of the damage in four states, namely ...
If you want to make money investing in residential real estate, you have to do it the old-fashioned way, you have to earn it. There really are no shortcuts.Now, if you sit down and watch late-night television when fake real estate experts hawk their half-baked theories and believe that they are t...
 Maybe it is. If you consider taking a polished-brass elevator down to the casino, then proceed purposefully to a craps table and there lose your next five mortgage payments, or more, in less than half hour an adventure, then it must be. Or, let's say your feet take you to the Forum Shops at Caes...
It's a delight to be able to report some good news, for a change. So far it has been just about everything else but them, so let's get right down to it. Before the tide turns. The soft real estate market continues to keep us steady company in most regions of the land, but there actually is at lea...
The word subprime mortgage has lately been one of the most used words in national headlines. To a point that you get vertigo seeing it. It has been featured in the print media, on the Internet, on TV, across the lips of consumers, on talk shows, just about everywhere. It has become a revered cele...
While the mortgage and real estate industries are trying to find solid footing in this soft market, Capitol Hill in Washington is getting ready to unveil this fall wide-ranging legislation that would address climate change, more specifically the reduction of carbon emissions. The goal is a cutbac...
If anything, the Southern Nevada real estate market is staying on the same path from last month. It's on a slow and steady downward slide. Hopefully not too much longer, though.Home Builders Research reports for July that sales at the resale sector declined over 40% from a year ago and for new ho...
 The mixed-use project right on the Strip is coming steadily off the ground as we speak. The construction site is full of activity and some of the buildings have already reached up to about 15 stories. It will include several hotels, 2,650 high-rise condominiums, a casino and a huge retail, dinin...
 Many scientists are convinced that global warming is for real and we should take immediate action to deal with it, or it's just going to get progressively worse. It appears that they have a good point. Natural disasters across the world are getting more frequent and powerful. Southern Nevada is ...
Buyers like buyer's markets and sellers hate them. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be. Now it's the buyer's turn to rule the roost. Remember seller, only a few years ago you were in the driver's seat. So behave like a reasonable real estate expert when the market shifts and you have to give u...

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