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When I launched a monthly Las Vegas email mortgage and housing newsletter a few years ago the main challenge was to produce articles with solid content for my past customers and those who had signed up for it. The plan was to have four articles in each issue. To write in the last week of every mo...
Mortgage loans that were labeled subprime just a few years ago were partly responsible for the notorious real estate bubble. When it burst and let all the air out, the subprime product quickly disappeared from the bloodied scene. Many housing observers warmed up their fingers over keyboards and w...
Take a look at John's excellent post about reestablishing credit. Well worth your time.REESTABLISHING YOUR CREDIT  TO GET A MORTGAGE LOAN - DALLAS, TEXAS HOMES AND REAL ESTATE Despite the various reasons why people may find themselves in a financial bind that damages their credit rating, the majo...
Housing prices have been in a free fall in most sectors of the nation for a long while, much longer than any real estate expert had predicted. When mortgage financing is hard to come by and supply far outpaces demand that's usually what will follow. The weak economy is also a major contributor to...
This step in the home buying process is really a must. Lenn goes over all the vitals here, so take heed.HOME INSPECTIONS PROTECT HOME BUYERS - THEY ALSO PROTECT SELLERS AND AGENTS! Probably the single most important step a home buyer can take as a part of the home purchase process is the home ins...
The home loan and real estate markets we are currently slogging through are unprecedented in their severity. The last time something similar happened was so long ago that few are still here to remember it. As a result millions of people are unable to make their home loan payments and subsequently...
The Green concept is becoming more important to both home buyers and sellers, for obvious reasons. Read more about that here from Terrylynn.Buyers are speaking, are sellers listening? Recently I did a consultation with a real estate client about what they should do to improve their home so that a...
Mortgage-backed securities, or MBS, played a pivotal part in the recent galloping real estate market and in its eventual and memorable collapse. These bonds get rated based on risk before they are offered for sale so that potential investors - pension funds, university endowments, international i...
Mortgage banks have been pushed between the rock and the hard place in today's reeling real estate market. They are trying to make the right moves to keep their bleeding books from totally blowing up during this perfect storm as more and more home loans go bad. To deal with that, they generally l...
Here is an eye-opening take on these two popular mortgage products. Makes you reconsider which one will work best for you.Graph A     It is a common misconception among borrowers that a 15-year mortgage is a better use of their money than a 30-year mortgage, but for the disciplined borrower, that...

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